Meet Jennifer ‘baby doll/doll face/Barbie’ Osinaike, 19, bubbly, vivacious and easy going – potentially our next Kate Moss or maybe even the girl the brings back the baby doll face. Jennifer is our latest find and boy are we loving her!!


Those (Angelina Jolie-esque) lips, beautiful doe-eyes and super cute doll face have us thinking she might just be the next big thing. An aspiring model with big dreams we have no doubt that she has the potential to make it big and far.


Nigerian born, British bred, Jennifer is a girl with an interesting background but an even more interesting future. She is paving her way into the fashion industry and is showing no signs of slowing down, having already done  some editorial work, runway, appeared in music video and almost made it to the preliminaries of Naomi Campbell’s ‘The Face’.



“Last year, I met a photographer on my Facebook and he actually thought that I’d be good at it. He told me to come down to Jalouse Club where they were doing this sorta competition. I really enjoyed myself. It’s almost like acting isn’t it. You come out as a different person. I like the whole trying on these amazing designs the whole makeup and hair process. I just love it!” she gushes. She’s since decided to pursue modelling as a career, wanting to make it big. A girl with big dreams, loving a challenge and to break boundaries we’re sure she’ll make it far. Her biggest dream is to…

“Make it in Britain. Kill it in America. Own it in Africa.”


5’7, baby doll face and at it alone, Jennifer does have a few hindrances but she’s taken them into her stride making them work for her, (besides you have Kate Moss who’s made it and she’s only 5’7). Inspired by the likes of Sudanese British top model Alex Wek  “I love, love love Alek Wek. I love her skin colour, her dimples and her short hair! I’d love to be her but I’ll settle with being like her” and aspiring to be like her Jennifer is looking like a ‘go hard go home’ contender.


A total sweetie, with a tough skin, Jennifer is looking like she should be right at home in the industry. She’s ambitious enough, has enough drive and WANTS it. After a crazy up bringing, being up rooted and moved around from foster home to foster home, to then living alone at the age of 17, Miss Independent should find the industry a piece of cake. On looking back at her upbringing she says “I still have my times when I still get  you know low –but I guess it’s made me who I am but I can adapt to any sort of situation. If they throw me in Pakistan I’m going to have to get on with it you know I’m not going to feel like “Oh my God where am I?”…I just think keep moving and get on with it, you know?”.

“You need to be looking after yourself otherwise you’re going to lose yourself.”


Wise and pretty, it can’t get any better than this, we can’t wait to see more of Jennifer Osinaike. Keep a look out for her, I mean she does plan on fronting a huge designer campaign some day and be the first black model to do so (targeting the brands that don’t tend to use black models. I told you, she really does love a challenge).




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