We know how really vocal Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh can be. Well she didn’t let us down this time as she expressed what can be described as not hatred but somewhat displeasure over superstar Beyonce‘s success compared to hers.  Tonto meant no harm, she just spoke her mind, the way it is so it really is no big deal but then again it’s fun to be able to read between the lines that’s why it’s our tweet of the day.


Tweet reads:

Let us know what you think, though. Besides, Beyonce will be so proud of the ‘Tweep’ if she saw this, don’t you think? :)

3 Responses

  1. Gheuns

    Beyonce would be proud ke? She will be like who the heck is this?

  2. gloria smith

    What is there to be proud about? And read through the lines “the way it is so it really…” Ha ha ha ha , now u are a Tonto fan. Seems we know why u feel beyonce will be proud. Ah


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