Talking Tees are the rave in Nigeria right now, with our intellectual minds brewing new ideas and illustrating them on plain tees. At the Honing Your Communications Skills Seminar organised by the Oratory Academy on 1 October, Mai Atafo stressed the fact that the outfit you put on determines whether people will take you seriously or not. Well, I say, let your outfit speak directly to people about what inspires you the most!

The Oratory Academy unveiled their line of talking tees which say ‘I Think I Speak I am’, giving expression to the truth that who you are and what you say are a product of what you think about.  Fashion is a very mental thing, and often times gives expression to what you have on the inside. So if you don’t feel awesome, put on a top that says ‘Awesome’ and you are well on your way to changing how you feel about yourself, because you are what you speak and what you think!


This tee shirt retails at N2500. To order visit the Oratory Academy Facebook page

Add a pop of patriotism to your wardrobe with any of these talking tee designs:

Order any of these Naija talking tees on the African tees website


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