Over time we have seen a number of fashion brands work prints on prints into their collections and season after season of trends. Now this heavily contradicts with all we have been warned about in fashion – never wear prints on prints – but fashion trends these days are clearly not working with old school rules.

Ituen Basi At Music Meets Runway 2013

Ituen Basi At Music Meets Runway 2013

If you want to wear two different patterned pieces, here’s the opportunity you have been waiting for as we guide you through with our own set of new school rules. Walking through the streets of social media (Tumblr) we stumbled on Yevu, a Ghanaian brand that have inspired and shown us the unique ways to rock tribal prints.

Here are our five quick tips:


Larger Prints with Smaller Prints

1Scale is the key to mixing similar prints. Larger prints are often better when paired with smaller prints – in this case it can be even of the same print (like leopard print on larger leopard print) An example as shown by the model is the use of African fabric with print design. Her shirt spots tiny prints offset by the skirt that has larger and busier print.

Shared Colours

2Using colour when mixing prints can help a great deal. This is because colours in the same family can often compliment each other beautifully and be softer on the eyes. For instance, the model here is using deep red and orange to work mixed prints, beautiful.


Shared Prints

3Ok, now you know your print mixing can be a shared colour, well it can also be a shared print. If you are going to put the same print on top and bottom then it is advised that they be of different colours. The model here shows a popular African fabric, used as a top and pants, but what she has done is to use different colours of the same print.


Neutrals As A Balance

4One more trick for mix-matching is the use of neutral colours. No need to do away with black, brown, grey, white and other neutral colours when you can use them to offset your prints. The use of neutrals ensure that there is a piece of your clothing that draws less attention and soothes the eyes. The model shows this here with a white tank top on print skirt and print jacket, also in the other pictures using grey then yellow.


Make Sure One Colour Repeats

5In the picture above the model has on a red blue and white print dress, and also has on a red blue and yellow jacket. One of the tricks to wearing double prints is to make sure one color repeats in every piece of the outfit.


Seems easy enough? Why not break out old pieces in your wardrobe and create a new look with mixed prints. Let us know the outcome from you!







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