Once associated with little girl’s attire worn neatly under their school or church dresses, tights have somehow crept their way into many adult fashionistas’s closets. They’ve become so popular; designers like Donna Karan (DKNY) have designed special hosiery lines to create fun, sophisticated, and funky stockings.

Designed in an assortment of colors and materials, tights can be paired with skirts, dresses, or even shorts and this way, you can wear your favorite summer outfits during cooler months too.

Need to know how to wear this fun, fabulous hosiery? We’ve got you covered.


velvet tights

Add a Bit of Velvet

Did you think tights were only made from basic cotton or polyester material? Adding material like velvet, lace, or both, creates a luxurious look that’s definitely intended for stylish adults and not little school girls.


funky tights

Tights in Funky Designs

Add a bit of flair by mixing your wardrobe with patterned tights. They can be worn with basics colors to create a signature, fun look.


basic designs

Don’t Forget The Basics

You can’t go wrong with basic color tights in the cooler months. Tights allow you to wear some of your favorite dresses and shorts even when the weather suggests otherwise. Blacks, browns, and other neutrals give you the protection from the cold, while adding a bit of style to your wardrobe.


Embrace colors

Add A Splash of Rainbow

If you’re feeling a bit daring or looking to embrace your inner child, incorporate fun colors into your wardrobe by adding a pair of colorful tights. Because of their popularity, colors from fuchsia to purple will all be easy to find almost all year-round.


Knit tights

Keep Warm and Chic

Knit tights are now the chic additions that spice up our wardrobes. They are not only stylish but keep us warm and comfy during cold months.


Lace tights

Sexy In Lace

Lace tights are very trendy and they still provide the protection of basic tights. They’re so versatile that they can be worn with your favorite dress to an elegant event or paired with shorts for a trendy but signature look.

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