A jacket normally worn by American athletes, rewarded to them for participating in some kind of sport. The varsity jacket is an item that has been taken away from sportswear and placed  into a more casual wear category. 





On the high street, it is fused with the Barbour jacket to create some kind of hybrid, but still in its original structure. It’s now made in different colours to appear more commercial and appeal to the younger  demographic.

varsity hybrids jacket from Asos

At the other end of market, The varsity jacket is produce in a very luxurious form, infusing expensive materials like crocodile leather and Egyptian cotton to give it that ‘super rich’ factor. The structure of the jacket is more rounded and looks nothing like the original, but more like a bomber jacket.

Varsity Jackets from Vuittion and Muglar



In terms of functionality, the Varsity Jacket is a very important item in a man’s wardrobe because it transcends well from day wear to night wear, for those busy workers. It also does the job of a leather jacket without that hard and discomforting feeling a leather jacket gives, as well attaining to all body shapes to hide areas like the belly and give a balance to guys with big thighs.

This jacket will not be going anywhere any time soon because it has been seen all over the runway for the coming spring season. So, not only is it functional, it is trendy as well as being a timeless piece.






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