A reinvention from a specific time, as well as a race identity.








Whenever I see thick dookie braids, its reminds me of my distant childhood where my brother would be listening to 2pac and Aaliyah while doing his physics homework.

It is also  something associated with black identity of the 90s, people like Brandy (yes, the queen of the dookie style), during her “Moesha” series and Janet Jackson in ‘Poetic Justice’ were the promoter of this style, hence giving black women in the 90s a staple look. It had the same effect “the Rachel” hairstyle had for white American women in the mid 90s*(that was Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle for her character on friends )*.

















It also reminds of  a lot of Aaliyah’s questionable rapper-esque way of dress.

We love you Aaliyah! Rest in Peace

The reinvention of this trend has become popular of recently, thanks to superstar DJ/sister to superstar Solange Knowles (apparently she’s having this ethnic style evolution at the moment which is the cause of this)


This style on its own is something really fun and quite refreshing in a nostalgic way. I am no hair guru to judge whether it has a relevance in our time, but in the manner of observing your environment and talking about it this trend seems like a very feasible and appealing trend for a black woman. If anything but that, it is also very cheap and easy to make (I can already see Joan Clayton from ‘Girlfriend’ working this look to the office).

Below I have attached a few photos from colleagues who brought this trend to my attention plus a “how to” video on how the style is achieved. P.s don’t mind the cat





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