Zsofia Yeah, who said surfing was easy! Zsofia

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For those of you who do not know the place: it is the surfing capital of England, and possibly of Europe. Surfing has captured my imagination, heart and soul on the first try. I kinda blame Escape Surf School with its dedicated and professional – not to mention devilishly good looking – staff.

So I have decided: what better place to make an adjustment, spend less money, bide my time and get ready for my travels than this beautiful corner of England?

Zsofia I am still in love with Newquay sky

Making this decision was a very slow process also: my friends and me started surfing not long ago. Yet, every time we left Newquay I had this strangely sad, nudging feeling in the pit of my stomach. Every time I went back to London it came to me: this is not the place I see my future in. Slowly but surely, every time I had some time or money I went to Newquay. And if I didn’t I still made it happen. It became like an addiction. But of the good kind; the kind you just have to listen to and let it take you by the hand….

Zsofia One of my better waves

Image Copyright Dominic Rodwell

It is madness how much crap people normally accumulate in a few years! I spent days and days sorting thru my stuff, boxing up what I wanted to keep, taking things I no longer needed to the charity shop, trying to sell some of it online, etc. It was majorly exciting, especially when I reduced my belongings to a backpack and a duffle bag and off I was….

Zsofia bags

Through a friend of mine, I found a place to stay for as cheap as 60 GBP a week, all inclusive, and another friend of mine helped me move. I appreciated this immensely, as I needed the assistance both physically and emotionally. My new house was cool, in every sense of the word. It seems that the brits have different standards on heating than mine. But the fact that we had a ping pong table instead of a dining table compensated for a lot. And my new flatmate was a sir instructor as well! Oh yeah, he was a boy, and I had not lived with a boy alone for quite some time. Thankfully, we had a lot in common (Man Utd fans), so we went to work out together a lot. I also found the local water polo team and they made me feel welcome. So, from the get go I felt at home, except for always being cold.

Zsofia the view from my board

Later that week my favorite surf family hooked me up with some discounted winter wetsuit and a brand new surf board! My chest nearly exploded, my heart felt so happy! Seriously, I could barely wipe that cheesy grin off my face.

Zsofia The perfect picture

So, all in all, not having a job was very strange, but I spent most of my time doing things I love: surf, swimming, water polo, table tennis, biking. So, overall, life in Newquay started…. well, to use a suitable expression… swimmingly.

Next up: Perfect days and weekend fun

Zsofia will be taking FAB readers each week through her travel diary with loads of amazing images of the tribulations and adventures she encountered during her year-long 7 country tour of South America. She will also be introducing us to the varied characters and friends she met and made along the way.

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