A holiday in morocco is not complete without a visit to these 5 places. Find out more !

1. Merzouga Morocco


The sun rises very quickly in the desert. To experience a desert sunrise is an unforgettable experience and the best place to do so is at the Merzouga sand dunes or Erg Chebbi. Some of these dunes tower over a 160 metres high and support a highly diverse wildlife of flora and fauna. You will find pink flamingos fishing in the lake and many rare birds taking a break from their spring migration.

To make the most of the region why not spend a few days on a camel trip through the desert spending the nights under canvas after watching the sun set behind the dunes and enjoy an early Moroccan breakfast cooked by your guide as you watch the sun rise. You will never forget the experience.

2. Dades Valley (The red valley)


The Dades Valley, which is known as the Red Valley, though red is not the only colour you will experience. The mineral rich Dades Gorge (valley) glitters in many hues of blue and green as well as white and red.FAB-Magazine-Top-3-places-to-visit-in-morocco.jpg2

Many communities populate the valley; these are connected by a long winding road and nourished by the waters of the river that meanders through them. Once these communities were made up of warring tribesmen, but today all is peace and harmony.

3. Jamaa El Fina


Jamaa el Fna in the centre of the old city. This square is the home of orange juice stalls and snake charmers, dancers and story tellers, magicians and peddlers. It is a kaleidoscope of colours and as dark falls it becomes a food market where you can purchase some of the amazing culinary delights of Morocco and eat them in the chill of the desert evening.


Around the edge of the Jamaa el Fna you will find the souk, the traditional African markets and café terraces. There are also hotels and gardens and a maze of tiny streets to explore. You will find a visit to the Jamaa el Fna an unforgettable experience.

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