Zsofia Vietnam
After 7 years of living, loving, working and playing in this amazing city I decided to hit the road.

z Canary Wharf

I have been disgruntled for quite some time, but have been hesitant to make a move. Personally, I find that having a high quality of life is tough in London: you either work a lot and have a lot of money but very little time or you don’t work that much, which means you have time to do stuff but no money. And ultimately, no matter how rich you are you cannot make the sun shine.

Z Sea

The turning point for me came because of two events: at Easter 2011 I took up surfing with my friends. I came to experience a lifestyle that is sporty, spiritual and in harmony with nature. It was love at first ride.

Z Beach

The second influence was our backpacking trip to Asia. Even though it was only 3 weeks, I got to totally immerse myself in the spirit of backpacking. I really wanted to travel in a free, unstructured, authentic and cheap way.

So in September I decided to submit my resignation at work. That was probably one of the scariest things I have ever had to do. I was questioning my sanity: “Why am i leaving this perfectly okay (though very badly paid and stressful) job, which is actually quite fulfilling? How can I justify this at a time when the economy is so shaky? Will I ever find a proper job again? What makes me think I will be happier elsewhere?”

Z Fulham
In short, I panicked. So I did what I always do when I panic: i looked my fear in the eyes and did what I planned to do anyway. And boy, was it worth it….!

Next up: Moving to Newquay

z Newquay

Zsofia will be taking FAB readers each week through her travel diary with loads of amazing images of the tribulations and adventures she encountered during her year-long 7 country tour of South America. She will also be introducing us to the varied characters and friends she met and made along the way.

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