So how did we get here?

Hello Readers,

I am a girl who likes to travel. Yes, I was bitten by the travel bug, and the aim of this blog is to spread the word. Travelling is exciting, transformational and revelational,  yet sadly many of us don’t do enough of it.

This will be about me traipsing around the world, trying to figure It out as I go along. Sometimes the journey is more spiritual than physical, but that comes with the territory.

Beautiful fish from the seas of Ecuador

Originally, I left London in October 2011 because I wanted to surf more. One year and 3 months in I am still traveling and do not intend to stop. It is an itch that needs constant scratching. The plan was to travel to Peru and learn Spanish there, surf and get a job. Instead, I travelled to seven countries in South America, did learn Spanish but did not surf much. But let me not get ahead of myself….

The lovely ruins of Peru

Before my adventures, I lived in London for 7 years, but I am originally from Hungary and have lived in Germany, Austria and the States before.

Rapa Nui

I studied international development and speak four languages. I have always travelled a fair bit, but nothing on this scale. And I never thought traveling can be done as a single woman. So, tune in to follow one crazy TravelBug – the plan is to write a lil’ something for y’all every week.

Hope to catch you soon, keep well

Zsofia will be taking FAB readers each week through her travel diary with loads of amazing images of the tribulations and adventures she encountered during her year-long 7 country tour of South America. She will also be introducing us to the varied characters and friends she met and made along the way.

ALL IMAGES are copyright the writer and TravelBug Zsofia

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