“She’s photogenic” ‘The camera loves him”. I hear expressions like this and I have to wonder, what does being “photogenic’ really entail? Is it something that comes naturally,( because I do know people that can never take a bad photo), or is it a skill that is honed or taught (I’m talking about the endless coaching Tyra gives the aspiring models on American Next Top Model). Even in a day and age where we adore snapping away at ourselves like never before, many of us could definitely use some tips when it comes to putting our best foot forward.

So. for those of you who feel like you have absolutely no idea what to do with your hands two seconds before the camera clicks, I’ve got ten tips to ensure that you rock those pictures whether or not the camera loves you.







1. Practice!



‘Practice makes perfect” Truer words have never been spoken especially when it comes to getting that pose just right for picture day. Spend a couple of hours having a friend or loved one take snaps of you with a digital camera so you can get immediate feedback on what looks hot and what…not. Put a big mirror on the wall so you’re not winging it “blind.” Once you find a pose that works, make it your trademark.


2. Find You Game Face:

This is also about practicing. Standing in front of the mirror, come up with as much looks as you possibly can by adjusting your features, until you find one that will look fab in a picture. Found the right look?  Good. Practice this as often as you can each time you pass a mirror till it becomes a part of you, which in turn makes it look natural, as opposed to that old “say Cheese” grimace. Also, check out different smiles or sides of your face etc that reflects perfection. For most women, looking slightly up at the camera is a very flattering angle, you can try that.


3. Find Your Color:



Find the hue, that suits you


Sometimes, you can get your pictures taken at times when you don’t expect it. Maybe you just have plans to hang out with friends. You know those playful group pictures you guys took? They just might pop up on your facebook wall in an hour. So how do you avoid being the one looking jaundiced in a group picture? Believe it or not, everyone has that perfect color that reflects their personality, style and that looks oh-so-flattering in pictures. Get rid of clothes that does not bring out the best in you, picture-wise or otherwise. Shop for flattering colors and you will always be camera-ready whenever you step out of the house.


4. Strike A Pose

Ever noticed how celebs on the red carpet almost always seem to be striking the same pose? (angling the body three-quarters towards the camera, one shoulder closer towards the photographer, and one foot in front of the other and the weight on the back leg). Well, that’s because it works. This pose is casual, yet flattering. Be sure to show off your natural smile to make the look less pose-y.


5. Get The Make- up Right


Get the Make-up right


Have you ever been shocked by how splotchy faced or plain looking even a beautiful actress can look when she’s not wearing makeup? (If not, Google “celebs without makeup” and see how Cameron Diaz, Renee Zellweger and J-Lo look in the morning; you’ll be less hard on yourself.) It’s incredible what cosmetics can do. If you know you’re going to be photographed – assume you are at any weekend get-together or night out with the girls, party, group dinner or corporate event– wear more than just moisturizerand gloss. Use concealer and heavier coverage foundation, eye makeup, lipstick and blush, and escape to the ladies’ room to “powder your nose” with blotting papers every hour or so.


6. Look Slimmer

You’ve heard the phrase “The camera adds 10 pounds”? Well, not if you know what you’re doing. If you’re expecting to be photographed on a certain date or at a certain event, avoid carbs and water-retaining high-sodium foods, to avoid bloat. If you’re being shot full body, feel free to contract your abs to give the appearance of a sleeker midsection, but don’t aggressively suck in your gut, as your ribs will jut out, plus you’re more likely to look pained. If you’re being shot torso-up, tense your arms to give them more definition, as long as you can maintain a smile. If you can arrange for the camera to be a bit above you so you’re looking up, that’ll slim your face.

7. Add a little Length (if you need to)


Add a little length, if need be


If you’re petite and are being shot with your tall friend, stand on something (seriously) or sit down together so you won’t look like a dwarf standing next to a gazelle.

8. Get The Light Right

Bright, diffused light as in a photo studio is flattering; outdoor high-noon conditions are not. Flash is also not ideal in most settings, as it’ll bring out shiny skin like nothing else. A cloudy outdoor day is perfect for making you look good, even if the weather is dreary. See if you can postpone the office picnic to an overcast day. Just kidding. (Or not.)

9. Focus on your posture.

Not only does this matter for photos but daily good posture makes everything easier in life, including your confidence. Good posture can dramatically improve your appearance in pictures. Sitting or standing up straight will make you look healthier and more alert and, if in a group setting, more attractive than your slouching companions. Breathe normally and relax your shoulders. If you usually have bad posture, it may be difficult to stand up straight and not look stiff, so practice this in the mirror, working toward improving your posture in the long term

10. Think Happy Thoughts



An unnatural, forced smile can make you look stiff and, frankly, weird. When people are smiling and waiting for a photo to be snapped, their facial muscles can be caught in all sorts of strange positions. To remedy this, try to time your smile so that you don’t have to hold it for too long. Also, imagine something funny (don’t be afraid to laugh a bit, even) or think of someone—your spouse or child, for example—who makes you happy. By doing so, you’ll get a genuine smile. If you don’t like your smile or your teeth, try a more subdued, closed- or partially-closed-mouth smile. Regardless of how you choose to smile, the happier and more relaxed you are, the better.




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