A recent video has been released by a white female rapper, V-nasty (shown left) hitting back at critics who are offended by her constant use of the N-word. She claims being raised in East Oakland, California is the reason for her vocabulary, she insists that she is not trying to “act black”. You can’t “act a race”, the White Girl Mob member argues.

Here is an extract from her song titled Cooking:

I think yo bitch like me the nigga wanna fight me
Yeah I got that chopper red beam on his head though
Nigga talkin shit but I push his shit back though

She is adamant that she will not change her vocabulary and suggests that the “haters” just stop hating. Frankly I think she has a point. Why should she have to change her vocabulary when the word is used by the very people it was created to offend? Black people have made it acceptable to call themselves “nigga” so why should anyone else think any different?


The rapper toting a gun, she blames her upbringing for her "hood" vocabulary

Why is it that some black people have such a problem with white people using the n-word, it’s the same derogatory word whether it comes from a black mouth or a white mouth. By making the use of this word socially acceptable within the black community it’s been made acceptable to everyone else too. Which is why we end up with rappers like V-nasty who is unapologetic and honestly I think a little ignorant about what she’s really saying. Because black rappers have made it cool to use that word, being a rapper herself of course she’s going to buy into that and use it without remorse. And I don’t see why people should criticise her for it because we did it to ourselves. If we can’t respect ourselves as a community why should we expect anyone else to?

Click on this link to see what V-nasty had to say


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