As the beautiful Ghanaian songstress Jane Awindor known as Efya turns 27 today, we have compiled the top 5 videos by the neo-soul musician. As seen below, Efya does not have a lot of music videos but we have added some of her live performance videos to keep you entertained. Enjoy!



1. ‘Best In Me’

The official video for Efya’s hit single shows off the talented artist in the best light ever in this romantic video.

2. ‘Getaway’

Her vocal dexterity knows no bounds as she takes us away with her unique vocal strength on this one

3. ‘Life’ (Live performance)

‘Life’ Performed at her Live showcase at Jazzhole in Lagos.

4. ‘Getaway’ (Live performance)

Efya performs ‘Getaway’ a new single from Efya’s upcoming album “Love Genesis” in January this year.

5. ‘Cigarretes’ (Live Performance)

The beautiful Ghanian songstress, Efya performed an incredible live rendition of her track “Cigarettes” live for @MsYouTV. Shot on location in Lagos, Efya showcased her superb live vocal skills.

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