Sagacious-Questions-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (10)Be truthful; has Jesus Christ ever failed or disappointed anyone?

Sagacious-Questions-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (7)How would Nigerians get involved with their representatives at the National Assembly when majority of them aren’t even on Facebook and Twitter?

Sagacious-Questions-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (5)David Cameron flies commercial flights but Nigerian governors and politicians fly private jets. How prudent?

Sagacious-Questions-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (1)What is the end result of the amnesty deal when some militants have gone back to kidnapping?

Isn’t it a sour recipe when the militants who have garnered technical knowledge overseas, return with no jobs?

Sagacious-Questions-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (9)Won’t the technically-skilled but jobless ex-militants go back to the old ways an wont their old ways be more technical?

Sagacious-Questions-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (3)Is former Vice President Abubarkar Atiku now an avid blogger?

Sagacious-Questions-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (1)Does PHCN better known as NEPA need advertorials to sell power better known as electricity in Nigeria?

Sagacious-Questions-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (4)Isn’t it baffling that THINGS FALL APART by Chinua Achebe is in the syllabus of American schools but not in Nigeria’s?

Sagacious-Questions-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (6)A British court was shown just one palatial home of James Ibori and they were shocked. Shocked for just one palace?

Sagacious-Questions-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (8)What would have been their fate if the jury et al had seen other palatial palaces? Coma, perhaps?

Sagacious-Questions-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (1)Lagos State government declared Lagosians spend billions monthly on parties. Isn’t Owambe part of what the state is known for?

Olumide Oyedeji, Derrick ObasohanOlumide Oyedeji has been a dinosaur in the National Basketball team. Isn’t it time for him to retire?

Sagacious-Questions-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (11)Rooftop Emcees got an endorsement and suddenly they are no longer Gospel Emcees but hip-hoppers. Que te pasa-what happened?

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  1. Michelle Spice

    Your Michaelangelo’s Jesus has failed me! I know and have a relationship with ‘Yahweh’ and his son ‘Yeshousa’ who never fail me…

    The next time you want to boardcast the real Yeshousa ask the Pope of Rome for a real copy of his picture with is mother the ‘black madonna’ and that might sober you up about the real Yeshousa…

    It is amazing in this time and age how the minds of many are still wondering in the dark and the wilderness! Come out of this toxicity african people….


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