sagacious-questions-episode-8-season-2-fab-magazine-dolapo-aina (12)If God says Holiness is attainable, why do people still believe it isn’t possible to live a Holy life?

sagacious-questions-episode-8-season-2-fab-magazine-dolapo-aina (3)64 million Nigerians have one form of mental illness or the other because all the indices that would make someone insane are on the increase. Is Nigeria in a mental state?

sagacious-questions-episode-8-season-2-fab-magazine-dolapo-aina (6)Suspended the prince/czar for a future sack. But; wouldn’t it be good for Nigerians; if the looters have the ill-LUCK of getting the sack; by JONAthan Wayne?

sagacious-questions-episode-8-season-2-fab-magazine-dolapo-aina (9)#SLS #WhereIsOurMoney? The Good, the bad, the ugly and the lone whistleblower. As a Nigerian, do you still need a movie script for this movie?

sagacious-questions-episode-8-season-2-fab-magazine-dolapo-aina (13)What was the electricity body-PHCN; thinking, when the officials announced that the body wanted to join the ASUU strike in solidarity in 2013?

sagacious-questions-episode-8-season-2-fab-magazine-dolapo-aina (10)What do you do with half-baked graduates being churned out like “high in demand Hot Agege bread” from this half-baked educational system?

sagacious-questions-episode-8-season-2-fab-magazine-dolapo-aina (4)Some local airlines in Nigeria operate the aviation business like an adventure video game. But are you Super Mario with extra lives?

sagacious-questions-episode-8-season-2-fab-magazine-dolapo-aina (7)Nigerians give freely to religious causes but majority become tight-fisted when it pertains to helping the next human being who is in dire need. Why?

sagacious-questions-episode-8-season-2-fab-magazine-dolapo-aina (11)If Messi were to be an Englishman, won’t the British Press have clamoured for him to be knighted Sir Lionel Messison OBE?

sagacious-questions-episode-8-season-2-fab-magazine-dolapo-aina (8)Parents erect high fences to protect their wards but they easily forget the media is intruding via the silver screens and smartphones. How ironic?

sagacious-questions-episode-8-season-2-fab-magazine-dolapo-aina (5)Why did Daddy Freeze come to the African Movies Awards decked out in an Ankara suit for a black tie event? Did the artiste get the wrong invitation card?

sagacious-questions-episode-8-season-2-fab-magazine-dolapo-aina (2)Isn’t it apparent that if you don’t brush up on your Information Technology knowledge and usage, you would have an IT inferiority complex?

sagacious-questions-episode-8-season-2-fab-magazine-dolapo-aina (1)Do you have an Information Technology inferiority complex?

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