Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-7-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (1)If men are the ones to tell you what to preach and what not to preach, do you realise that you are already in their trap?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-7-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (4)Just when GEJ declared Boko Haram was being defeated, they struck. Just when government officials declared there wasn’t going to be petrol scarcity, the scarcity reared its ugly head. What is happening to government’s statements?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-7-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (3)With the incessant petrol scarcity being experienced in Nigeria; isn’t it time Nigerians begin to purchase bicycles like Chinese commuters in the 70s, 80s and 90s?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-7-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (6)Earlier in 2013, 220 government parastatals were to be scrapped. When did this administration realise that there has been a chronic duplication of government functions?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-7-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (7)What was the President’s Special Adviser on New Social Media thinking when he tried to implicate Sanusi? Didn’t he remember digital footprints?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-7-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (2)No cyclists’ urine samples contained banned substances. Still wondering why the 2013 Tour de France was boring?

home-pageIt is said that diamonds are a lady’s best friend. Think again, as English Premier League stars are Nigeria’s Thelma West’s clients.

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-7-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (1)Tonto Dikeh showed off her apparently “diamond-studded” Rolex watch on Instagram. Real affluence isn’t demonstrated; it portrays itself. Why try to show affluence?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-7-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (1)If the Tonto Dikeh mentality were the norm; what should regular people who aren’t superstars but can easily afford to own Patek Philippe cufflinks of $22,000 or Corums and Hublots Chronographs do?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-7-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (8)In the Eastern Part of Nigeria; A 107 year old man passed on and his family began to accuse his 18 year old wife of being the culprit. 107 versus 18. Hello! What were they expecting?

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