machine gun

Did you know that without Holinessanointing is like a machine gun in the hands and fingers of a mad man?


The real purpose of the U-17 football tourney in UAE would be considered successful, if in 5-7years time, the Nigerian players haven’t gone into oblivion but are global household names in world football. True or false?


Please, how can the Duchess of Aviation’s 2 BMW 7 Series be N255m, when the same car with all the bulletproof, rocket launcher and chemical repellent features is just $350,000?


When a president violates the laid-down international laws of the United Nations, the president somewhat becomes a war criminal. Do Bush, Blair or Assad fit into this category?


With classified documents showing that America has been bugging her closest allies. Isn’t it now apparent why America officials wanted to “curtail” Edward Snowden?


The famous actor of the Twilight movies; who never repeats a suit has over 1,000 suits. He doesn’t know what to do with them since there isn’t any space in his home. Why not give them to charity? He won’t because he finds it hard to give out his things. Doesn’t this say a lot about him?


After watching many a Filipino sob and ask for aid and just a shirt, do you realise that your wardrobe would be useful in The Philippines?


While the British Government donated £6million to the Philippines; a British Bank CEO complained that his £4million yearly bonus was not sufficient. Where is his moral compass and moral justification for an increase?


African beauty pageant competitions tend to portray slim ladies. But is being thin and anorexic the true picture of African women?

beauty queen

What was a Nigerian ‘queen’ thinking, when she wore her full beauty regalia for a visa interview? Before she was denied, did she think she was the powerful Queen Elisabeth of England or the beautiful Queen Rania of Jordan?

obi asika

Doesn’t the Nigerian entertainment industry need honest professionals?


Nigerian artistes proclaim they are ‘Naijas for life’. But why is it that in their videos they doll out PRINTED American dollar bills?


Isn’t it apparent several celebrities seek attention by posting pictures et al on social media?


#TwitterShares. Since Twitter’s usage is on the increase in Africa nay Nigeria, how many of the millions of Nigerian Twitteristas would buy her shares?

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