Since the names can’t expire, did you know that it is never old fashioned to use the name and blood of Jesus Christ?

mother nature

With the aftermath of the typhoon and the devastation in The Philippines; can anyone fight Mother Nature?


From Mr Nigeria, Gulder Ultimate search and BBA The Chase, Melvin seems to be a reality show professional applicant. How come?

Presidential limousine S600 Pullman Guard The most expensive secured sedan is Mercedes Benz S Guard 600 at $1.6M. Obama’s Cadillac One is $300,000(The most secured sedan). Why should the Aviation Duchess’ BMW be extremely expensive?


Reality Shows’ contestants sing amazing love songs while competing for top prizes. But when they are out, they can only sing “jollof rice” and “wind am-wind am” songs.

rob ford

We thought Canadians were the grown ups in the world. And then; they give us Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. How did he ever win elections?

prince harry

From going gaga in Las Vegas to becoming a perfect gentleman. Who wouldn’t want the same PR team behind Prince Harry’s discreet public transformation?

smart phones

With the 100 percent penetration of smartphones in South Korea and the attendant result being a generation under 7, who need therapy for Smartphone addiction. Can Nigerians learn from this?

map_of_nigeriaIsn’t it amazing that a country with over 300 languages is still unified despite several upheavals?


Isn’t it awkward that the giant of Africa’s embassies in Senegal and Equatorial Guinea are located in markets and not in the diplomatic area?


Isn’t it amazing that 70percent of Nigeria’s crude oil is controlled by only one region?

Isn’t it amazing that 70percent of those who sell the nation’s crude oil come from the same region and there is no bickering or civil war?

governor chime

Don’t you think that the Mayor of Toronto would have loved to be like his Nigerian counterpart who house-arrested his partner and no brouhaha was made?


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