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From Damascus, Cairo to Peshawar, why are minority Christians being persecuted a la Early Christians in their countries for economic-induced crisis not triggered by them?


Apart from some of the Arabs States, can you guess the only West African nation that can decide to purchase Bentleys, Bugattis, Ferraris and Lamborghinis for her government ministries without any proof of purchase?


The Nigeria Police Force parade criminals before they are put on trial but corrupt officials aren’t accorded such treatment. Why?


Why do Nigerian artistes put on dark eye-wears everywhere they go, even while in a dimly lit place like a studio in a radio station? Are they trying hard to hide their feeble-mindedness?


Why is there a sudden upsurge in child theft and child rape in Nigeria?


Where are the selfless leaders who want to leave a legacy in Nigeria?


A secured generation is one that is learned, but where are the public libraries where entertainment obsessed youngsters can visit?


Please, why are several Nigerian terrestrial and cable radio and television stations focused on shallow programming?


Shouldn’t credit be accorded to Naomi Campbell and Iman and other coloured supermodels for advocating for more of them to be used not for their race but for their beauty during fashion shows?


Is it safe to say that Edward Snowden who seems to releasing implicating documents countries would love to have; is now a permanent resident Muscovite?

President Obama Makes Statement On The Sequestration

No permanent allies or foes only permanent interests. But why would America bug her age-long close friends like Germany and Spain and her neighbours like Mexico and Brazil? Global dominance paranoia at play?

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