1Whatever you worship; you would become. Therefore, who do you align yourself with?

2.Even if the Dennis Diplomacy of Rodman University isn’t refined and accredited yet, his basketball diplomacy is a precursor to easing of cordial DPRK-USA relations. Is the backlash thrown at him; not because he is an African-American?

3Euthanasia is morally repugnant and still is a knotty issue European nations are still battling with. But Belgium has legalised the impossible, euthanasia rights for children. Isn’t this corrupt wisdom?

4Congrats to Yaya Toure on the CAF African Footballer of the Year award. But with so much noise from English football fans in Nigeria, isn’t one surprised that they couldn’t amass via simple SMSs winning votes for John Mikel Obi or Victor Moses for the BBC African Footballer of the year 2013?

5Prayer Point; in 2014, pray that you would not in the spate of 5months; spend N255million to purchase just 2 armoured sedans and falsify (aka Toronto) your resume In Jesus’ name! Won’t she say Amen?

6Newspapers are to tell readers the truth. But why do Nigerian newspapers’ headlines of accidents decrease the number of the victims?

Police at the scene in Woolwich, south London, where a man was killedAfter the Woolwich incident, one begins to ask, if the British-approved liberalism isn’t breeding self-radicalization?

8Does the over 40yr old Bros Jude Okoye know how old he is?! But how very intelligent and why depict violence by posting arm guns and ammunitions on Instagram?

9Tonto Dikeh is coming back! If it has to do with posting her Green Grass on Instagram, she should at least show and stand by her choco. O baby, why blame it on PhotoShop?

10Imagine an intense debate between these two English Language maestros-Professor Wole Soyinka and the popular Senator Patrick from Edo State. Wouldn’t the hapless audience get lost in their verbal hara-kiri?

11Why is it that the borders in the South are secure but the borders in Northern Nigeria are chronically porous?

12Most democratically elected presidents usually reveal their official “books to read” list annually. What is on President Jonathan’s “books to read” list for 2014?

13The turmoil between China and Tibet is age-long, but one ponders why the Tibetans are so marginalised and maltreated by the Chinese government?

14Nigerian street hawkers are multi-dexterical, doing more than 3 tasks simultaneously. Aren’t Nigerians persistent people?

15Tiger Woods was at his optimum best during golf tournaments in 2013. Who would disagree that behind every successful man isn’t a powerful and intelligent woman?

16Love or loathe him, but you can’t ignore OBJ’s bravery in the past and recent historical events in Nigeria. How many presidents would be able to dance South Korea’s PSY’s Gangnum style if not President Obasanjo?

17Aren’t the traffic management authorities (LASTMA) sometimes overzealous in their sole quest to apprehend unsuspecting drivers?

18Was it wise for the OAP Toke Makinwa (a self-appointed counsellor) to have physically harassed entertainment journalist Shade Ladipo,(in the ladies at Eko Hotel) for listing her in the famous LAFA AWARDS(Locally Acquired Foreign Accents)?

19Isn’t this the brown coconut syndrome at work; when Nigerian On-Air-Presenters pronounce the Yoruba name as WALAY instead of the proper pronunciation WALE in reference to the MMG signed artiste when he visited Lagos in November 2013?


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