Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-5-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (15)Boko Haram is ranked number 2 on the global terrorist list. What did past administrations do wrong for things to degenerate to this level?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-5-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (8)God forgive them all! But are Nigerian artistes deceiving their fans about fabricated endorsements hatched by the PR teams?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-5-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (7)Have you ever seen Tonto Dikeh cry in Nollywood movies?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-5-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (2)Isn’t Tiwa Savage; Africa’s Barbie?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-5-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (12)It is only in Nigerian home videos that ghosts paint their faces with white dusting powder, strap on wristwatches or wear white garments without shoes. Are they Aladuras?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-5-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (6)Might Beverly Osu have been the worst export to originate from Nigeria, if she had won the Big Brother Africa in 2013?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-5-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (9)O TI O! With the high divorce rate in Nigeria, one is wonders if people don’t know that marriage isn’t like African hawked palm wine; where you taste a cupful before you buy.

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-5-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (3)Afro candy seems to be the only one to have seen the potential in Beverly Osu (to perform in her adult movies). A case of birds of the same feather?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-5-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (5)In November 2013, Asari Dokubo was arrested in Benin Republic and released. He founded soccer schools in Abuja and Benin Republic and a university in Benin Republic. What about his homeland-Niger Delta?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-5-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (10)He became wealthy and still makes his money from the Niger Delta but built institutions outside the region. In their private moments, can impoverished and uneducated youths in the Niger Delta be glad with Asari Dokubo?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-5-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (1)Niger Delta militants proclaim “NA WE OIL”-in reference to the oil resources in their land. Apparently, they always forget that it is the Northerners that own almost all the oil blocks in their land. Why the sudden amnesia?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-5-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (13)Would the Taliban in a tribal village in Pakistan have known that their decision to eliminate Malala would evolve into her global status as a girl-child advocate?

Malala YousafzaiIsn’t it glaring Malala would end up studying political science at either Oxford or Cambridge Universities and later on go back to Pakistan to contest for elections a la Benazir Bhutto?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-5-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (11)The Guardian newspaper’s (UK) editor revealed that the paper published just 1 percent of material it received from Edward Snowden. Just 1% and the world of international relations jolted What would happen if the 99% were to be published?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-5-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (4)OWO TI YAPA!(STUPENDOUS WEALTH) What do the Real Big Girls do? Buy their husbands secluded islands. Kindly ask, what Brad Pitt got from Angelina Jolie for his 50th birthday in 2013?

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