God-sagacious-questions-by-dolapo-ainaIf God can use only His finger to write the 10 commandments; shouldn’t you respect and obey His commandments?
Paul Walker Sagacious Questions By Dolapo AinaThe Fast and Furious actor died in a fast car Life imitating Act or Act imitating life?
typhoon in The Philippines Sagacious Questions By Dolapo AinaAfter the typhoon in The Philippines, aren’t we bound to ask ourselves this question; how much do you love the earth?
President Goodluck Jonathan New Year Speech Sagacious Questions By Dolapo AinaThe President told everyone via his New Year Speech, “Happy New Year, fellow Nigerians”, but majority had no light to watch the broadcast Why?
Blackout Sagacious Questions By Dolapo AinaDid you know that there is an association between the availability of electricity (i.e power) and the level of literacy and advancement of a people?
Sagacious Questions By Dolapo AinaIn 2013, a serving “Mayor” in Eastern Nigeria placed his wife under house arrest and sent her packing afterwards. Isn’t this a classic case of Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart”?
1983 flying eagles’ team Sagacious questions by Dolapo AinaWhat do you call a country that promised the 1983 flying eagles’ team, real estate and scholarships but didn’t and still hasn’t fulfilled the promises in 2013?
Inspector General Of Police Sagacious Questions By Dolapo AinaHow come the Inspector General of Police’s salary is the lowest amongst the heads of the armed forces and security agencies?
Accidental Discharge Sagacious Questions By Dolapo AinaWhy is it that when Nigerian Police Officers are involved in messy cases, claims of “accidental discharge” are always rendered?
PDP Sagacious Questions By Dolapo AinaIsn’t joining the PDP a job opportunity for “ready-made yes men”?
Top 1000 Universities Sagacious Questions By Dolapo AinaIf South African and Egyptian universities can be among the top 1000 universities, and with the tsunami-like influx of private universities in Nigeria. Why aren’t any private universities on the prestigious list?
Nollywood Sagacious Questions By Dolapo AinaNollywood celebrated 20years in 2013. Is it true that before Nolly had the Wood; paying “in kind” was imperative to get a role in a movie? And is this still in practise?
Dillish Matthews Sagacious Questions By Dolapo AinaDillish won the big brother show in 2013 and suddenly her father showed up for the first time in her life. To have his fangs on her $300,000 quid?
Profits in the bagsWhy is there so much vain show of opulence by new generation moneybags?
Blackberry Phones Sagacious Questions By Dolapo AinaWith the popularity of BlackBerry phones at least in Nigeria, how come the Canadian maker Research In Motion is struggling with phone sales?
On Air Personality Sagacious Questions By Dolapo AinaWho would be your top 10 Nigerian OAPs with false and “no-where-to-be-found-in-the-world” phonetics and accents?
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