mida matsimela #25

During private moments, isn’t it advisable to ruminate on whether/if what you are doing or up to, has eternal value?


Would you fault the Ekiti State Government for declaring prison jail terms for adamant parents who won’t enrol their wards into primary and secondary schools which are tuition free?

 big brother africa

Honestly, does the Big Brother Africa Show portray anything close to Africa’s diverse cultures or promote the development and intellectual improvement of viewers who bother to watch?


What is the true value/relevance of BBA to the teeming young viewers who need moral, ethical and intellectual directions to even become the leaders of their misguided generation?


Africa has a plethora of nagging issues. Why can’t BBA give Africa a BBA show that would bring together eggheads who would brainstorm on innovative ideas to take Africa forward? 


Beverly Osu said she proudly represented Nigeria at BBA The Chase. But were Nigerians proud of her un-heroic exploits?


Dillish won the Big Brother Africa and her father who must have hurriedly come back to his “fatherly senses” suddenly unites with her for the first time. Where was the run-away dad when Dillish was a no-body?


Shoprite’s yellow nylon is ubiquitous in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. But how come these nylons are also imported and no Nigerian has thought of producing the nylons in Nigeria?


Na beg we dey beg! Why are China-made phones louder than audio speakers?


Banks can’t fail and bankers can’t go to jail, so goes a British maxim. Then why try to jail City of London bankers?


£3000 bond being contemplated by UK MPs to be paid by Nigerians and some other countries to the UK just in case travellers exceed their visa stay? Won’t a “pinch” of Nigeria’s TRIPLE diplomatic reciprocity jolt the MPs back to earth from their stratospheric positions?

 bashar-al-assadIsn’t it disturbing that bold nations via their leaders seem to be able to ignore the United Nations. Has this body lost its usefulness and isn’t it time for a new United Nations?

 Âëàäèìèð Ïóòèí ñòàë êàâàëåðîì "Ñàêñîíñêîãî îðäåíà áëàãîäàðíîñòè"

What is the essence of an American-Russian brokered agreement on Assad’s stockpile of chemical weapons, which would take a year to remove whilst the hapless Syrians still get bombed?   

 Justice is served

 A world without injustice and prejudice. But when?

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