ballot-box     1. How can the electorate clamour for change and they don’t know how to go about it. Who is to blame for this? The leaders or the led?   


           2. Isn’t Governor Amaechi of Rivers State, one individual you would love to have in your camp?


rivers state rotimiamechi1


        3.  Now that Governor Amaechi has been suspended. Isn’t this another déjà vu playing out?

International-Criminal-Court4.         Why hasn’t the International Criminal Court (ICC), tried or convicted anyone apart from African leaders?


5.     Are the relevant Nigerian authorities well-prepared for the coming rainy season in Nigeria?


6.        The Obama administration does a Wild Wild West on Boko Haram by announcing a $7million reward for credible intel on the whereabouts of the Boko Haram leader. Would Nigerians have taken this bounty serious if it had emanated from their present political leaders?


7.         They are against anything Western but isn’t it baffling that the head of Boko Haram had assets which were frozen in America in 2012?


8.       One year on, apart from support from their churches and family, have the surviving members of the passengers of the Dana plane mishap received succour from any support structure or NGOs?

DANA-AIR crash

9. Can it take up to a year for airline investigators to figure out what happened with the Dana airplane black box?

knowledge paradigm

10.       Knowledge is power but does this present generation realise this unblemished fact?


11.        On the international scene, Nigeria seems to be holding sway at the United Nations. Aren’t some diplomats living up to their responsibility?

omotola-with-arianna-huffington12.       Omotola and her PR team must be given lots of credit. Pictures with Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis. Omotola is setting a standard. Is something outstanding, brewing from her team?


13.       Has Kim Kardashian’s visit to Lagos and her cameo appearance yielded any dividends yet for those who got her to come to Lagos?

UEFA Congress - Michel Platini
14.       Michel Platini-the head of Europe’s Football body-UEFA, is clamouring for age limits for FIFA executives. Wouldn’t FIFA’s top executives see this clamour as age restrictions rather than age limits?


15.        Spanish-Que pasa con Nigeria y Mexico en Futbol?-What’s happening with Nigeria and México in football? Why do both countries end matches in score-draws?

Jose Mourinho 1

16.      Jose Mourinho is back at Chelsea FC. Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City, all have new coaches. Who would hit the ground running?

ri and ronaldo

17.         Christano Ronaldo takes a picture with Rihanna and the paparazzi can’t just see it as just a picture. Isn’t the paparazzi suffering from phantasmagoria on this one?


18.     Neymar stated that he is at Barcelona, among other things to assist Messi. Messi is an extra-terrestrial. Does he really need anyone’s input in setting football records?


19.  By booking a sub-standard hotel for the Super Eagles, Kenya began playing games before the actual football match on Wednesday, the 5th of June, 2013. Why such hostility rather than hospitality?


20.        Now that the Super Eagles defeated the Harambee stars of Kenya, who is next? Namibia?.

nike football

21. Apart from City of David Football Club, how many football clubs in Nigeria kit their players with top quality jerseys, blazers and also conduct full medical check-ups?



22.       With an official partnership with Bolton Wanderers FC of England, isn’t City of David FC setting a standard for other Nigerian football teams to follow?


23.        The Hublot Team led by Jean Claude Biver just can’t stop beating every other competitor to it. Falcao who has moved from Athletico Madrid (Spain) to Monaco (France), is now Hublot’s latest ambassador. Who is next?

obafemi awolowo

24.             Does the present generation of Nigerian youths know their past heroes?


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