Pope Francis urged his Cardinals at the Vatican not to drive luxurious limousines but modest cars like he does. Isn’t this the appropriate portrayal of a clergyman?


From Madeleine Albright, Hilary Clinton to Condoleezza Rice and Susan Rice. America seems to prefer ladies projecting her image in the international arena via the ministry of foreign affairs and the ambassadorial post to the United Nations.  Would other African countries take this bold step as Nigeria has just done with the former?


The new craze of every institution: doling out “diplomatic-less” ambassadorial titles to only entertainers. Why not poets, writers or even honourable Police officers or that diligent state house cleaner or traffic warden?


M.I. is now Energy ambassador for Lagos State. Who would hold the diplomatic reins of the Molues, Kabu-Kabus, Keke Napep and Okadas?


A large chunk of the Atlantic bar beach is being sand-filled, to be turned into Eko Atlantic City. Can you cheat nature?

eko atlantic

When nature hits back, won’t Eko Atlantic City become Eko Atlantis?


Kindly ask yourself this nationalistic question, what benefits have you had from any administration since the return of democracy?


Since 1960, Nigeria has made over $400billion from crude oil. But what has the Niger Delta or the nation to show for it?


Nigeria’s 53rd independence celebrations should have been golden. How do you mistake a government’s order for an individual’s? When 53 gold Iphones at 12million Naira each were ordered?


Were the 53 Iphones for Nigeria’s independence celebrations to be “shared equally” among the over 160million Nigerians?

gbenga ashiru

The sudden sack of 9 ministers is still baffling. Why sack Olugbenga Ashiru, the veteran diplomat who has painstakingly revived the erstwhile comatose Foreign Affairs Ministry?


How come the sacked ministers hail from the states whose governors are head on with the Presidency?


Forget the strikers for the national football teams. With the incessant strikes by ASUU, can’t it be said that ASUU has more strikers than the National Labour Congress?

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