If you’ve a red carpet event coming up and were hoping to be inspired by this year’s Golden Globes gowns, you’ve come to the right place, for we at FAB have hit the highstreet in search of award-worthy wearables that’ll save you paying with your arm and leg.

Here’s our our pick of 5 screen siren steals which should get you nominated for Most Savvy Shopanista….


1. Stunned by this E! presenter’s nude, high-necked and embellished gown? Well perhaps you’d best get youself in touch with Basil Soda – the Lebonese couturier that originally walked Rancic’s gown down its Autumn/Winter 2010 catwalk. Never mind the fact it’s 2 years old, the dress is fresh and frankly gorgeous, with its less than simple asymetry and bejewelled contours, doing Guilliana’s fragile frame some fashionable  justice. Here’s a few options that’ll pay homage (through ruffles, colour, cut or embellishment) without you paying through your piggy bank’s nose…


Guilliana Rancic at this year's Golden Globes, wearing Basil Soda Autumn/Winter 2010



Pinky grey cutout back midi silk dress, 75GBP at Topshop


Chiffon drape dress, 80GBP at Topshop

Heavy ruffle shoulder dress, 120GBP at ASOS

2. Freida Pinto relied on a classic cut and unusual colour to wow onlookers this year – that is, ignoring her gold choker which came with its on bodyguard… Miss Pinto’s teal Prada strapless gown screams million dollar style, but here’s a couple of options even the slumdogs among us can afford…

Freida Pinto in Prada at the Golden Globes 2012


Teal metallic midi dress, 40GBP at ASOS


Wide black belt, 32GBP at Topshop

Coast twist dress, 175GBP at House of Fraser

Metal collar necklace, 25GBP at Topshop

3. Zooey Deschanel – one of young hollywood’s fashion risk-takers – has put together what I predict to be a ‘Marmite’ look, with her one of a kind Prada dress likely to be either loved or loathed by style critiques. What swings it for me is Zooey’s nod to the 60s, with her hair and makeup and white embellished collar, and her oh-so-cute tuxedo nails which she Tweeted before the show. Here’s how to do 60s afterdark from as little as 50 pounds, complete with daring pop of colour…

Zooey Deschanel in Prada

Sister Jane collar dress, 60GBP at Topshop

Green pointed platform courts, 50GBP at Topshop


Devour maxi dress by Unique at Topshop, 195GBP


Peep toe chelsea boots, 80GBP at Topshop

Nail Rock nail wraps, 6.50GBP at Topshop

4. Yawn – Angelina Jolie looks unsurprisingly ravishing in her Versace floor length gown, as well as flawless and fabulous (as usual) though adding an almost riske red lip and clutch to match the flash of colour cast along her clavical. Probably a bit over-glam for our FAB fashionistas, this look can be stolen in a more youthful (and less expensive) way. Here’s how to do it like Jolie on a playful, undone shoestring…

Angelina Jolie in a metallic Atelier Versace gown


Metallic slip by Boutique at Topshop, 80GBP

Red 'Fifi' clutch by Lulu Guinness, 325GBP at ASOS


Midi metallic dress, 45GBP at ASOS


Red suede courts, 50GBP at Topshop

5.  Mary J Blige looked every bit the diva in her glitzy floor length gown, complete with mermaid tail made of feathers. To steal this songstress’ look and ooze glamour to the same tempo, you’ve a choice: go for the shape or the texture – both might be a tad much, unless of course you’re event is as noteable as the Globes…

Mary J Blige shimmering on the red carpet at this year's Golden Globes


golden glitter maxi gown by JS Collection, 190GBP at House of FraserTriangle drop earrings, 8.50GBP at Topshop

Feather asymetric dress, 130GBP at ASOS

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