No doubt, the rainy season has definitely put some ladies in a tough spot when it comes to being fashionable and trying as much as possible to stay dry. Well, I can assure you that our fab Lagos ladies are coping just fine.

Rainy season is not a good time for the fashion enthusiasts as it dampens their spirits of donning their best footwear. It’s very essential as the right kind of footwear helps us to tread through those frustrating potholes and muddy puddles. While putting on knee length boots are an awful idea because of how unpredictable the weather can get, (trust me, you don’t want to be caught in knee-length boots when it is sunny) these ladies are now sporting other alternatives.  Ballet flats are now in vogue, comfortable, keeps your feet dry during the rain (easier to navigate through the puddles, I must say) and they are also light just in case the weather decides to change its mind.

scarf, cardigan, shorts, top, boots, and umbrella.

Full-length outfits are now a no-no. think short, simple and sexy. Ladies have traded in their pants suits for skirts suits. The shirts are now elbow length and the reason behind this is obvious- it is more comfortable to wipe wet hands and feet clean with a hand-towel, rather than enter the office with full-length sleeves and trousers that are dripping wet!

The fabrics are now being put into consideration. Cotton materials are very versatile and the ideal choice for the weather. More people are now choosing to go for the cotton fabrics instead of linen and polyester as they are warmer and light enough so you can layer it with a blazer for the chilly weather.

Blazers and Cardigans are now becoming quite trendy. You can take it with you just in case and take it off and on as needed. One tip though, be sure to pick out nice pieces that you can wear with everything. Scarves are also in, if cardigans aren’t your thing. They also provide warmth when needed and can also be stylish.

We also cannot forget the umbrella. There are now portable ones  that can fit in your bag, easier to move around with so you do not have to worry about being caught unawares.

girl in cardigan, shorts, top and scarf

The street of Lagos is filled with fashionable women who are equipped with these tips and items. Just in case you are unsure what to wear, having an idea of what is in vogue would no doubt make picking out the right things to wear for the weather, way easier.



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