Mahogany Boisseau is the spokeswoman for Naptural Roots Magazine, which was founded in  Atlanta, US.  Naptural Roots Magazine is a natural haircare and lifestyle resource, made by the the natural hair community for the natural hair community.


She talks to us about her hair.



“I’ve been natural for 15 years… I saw a book that said “we are your ancestors, why do you hate our image” it changed how I felt about myself and my hair from that point on. I decided that I would wear my own hair natural. Currently, I wear my hair in an afro most of the time unless I have photo shoots that require different styling.”


Mahogany's first Naptural Roots Magazine photo shoot, 2009


“I love my hair… It represents liberation on so many levels and a deeper connection to my African roots. I was born with this hair texture… for me there is no other option. Fifteen years ago when I first went natural I received a lot of negative reactions. However, times have changed and I receive a lot of love about my hair.”


At the Happily Natural Day 2011


“I think that society perceives natural (black/African) hair has unprofessional (not the acceptable look), ugly and hard to manage.  This is why it is really hard to find naturals dominating various media outlets.”


Oct 2009


“Educate yourself beyond what society shows us and really think about your choices and why you do what you do.  If the decision is yours to be natural or not be natural let it be based on you being true to yourself let it not be based on other people’s standards of beauty.”



Well Mahogany, we think you look FAB


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