Siobhan's current hair


Siobhan Daley, 22, is a University of Sheffield graduate and has gone on to study Film Production. With her Celtic looks she often dyed her hair even brighter, but these days sticks to her natural ginger locks.





“I have been ginger since the day I was born. Most kids just start off with a little tuft of hair or even no hair at all, but I had this huge mop of bright red hair. Apparently it was very cute, and my mum was pleased because you could tell straight away that I was a girl!”
“Right now I really like my ginger-ness, but I didn’t always feel that way. When I was 12-years-old I moved from my home town in Swansea, South Wales, up to Sheffield, and kids just used my ginger hair as more ammunition to tease me. It was bad enough being  the only Welsh kid, but being ginger as well just seemed like the worst thing in the world.”



Siobhan as a two-year-old



“I first dyed my hair when I was 13. I didn’t really do it because I was sick of being bullied – I actually did it because some friends and I were going to a Green Day concert and we wanted to look punky, so we all dyed our hair.  I’d opted to do mine bright purple (one of the only colours that would actually dye over my strong ginger hair) and it went pretty well. And so my love affair with dye began!”


Purple, December 2006


“Most people liked it dyed different colours. Even my parents seemed to like it, although they weren’t keen on the horrendous mess I made in their bathroom the first couple of times I did it! I’ve never bleached my hair because I don’t want to do any lasting damage to it, so my colour range has always been pretty limited to dark pinks, purples, reds and black and my hair has been all of these colours at least twice, so I guess people are pretty used to it now.”


Black hair, December 2007


“I go back to ginger quite regularly to give my hair a rest and because I get bored of dying my roots every couple of weeks (ginger roots are the most offensive-looking things EVER) so people are never really particularly surprised. My boyfriend’s always happy though, as I think he prefers it ginger (he’s a red-head lover) so of course I like to look the way he likes as well as the way I like. I think I’ll stay ginger for a while now, because I like it, it’s low maintenance  –  and it seems that red hair’s quite fashionable at the moment.”


Red and black, March 2008


“Up until I was 16 I had hair right down to my bum. But I hated having long hair – essentially I’m just really lazy about my hair, and I hated de-tangling it, drying and styling it for hours a day, so I wanted rid of it. Also, I went to a lot of rock gigs at the time and I liked to jump around at the front, so my hair was getting all sweaty, and not with my own sweat. It was grim.”



With long hair in 2003



“So I got it all cut off into a jaw-length bob. Now that did shock people. My mum came with me to get it done and I thought she was going to cry. She kept asking me if I was sure. But just like with dying it, I didn’t think it was a big deal – if I didn’t like it, it would grow back.”


Siobhan current hair, naturally ginger


“I find it quite amusing that redheads are represented as some kind of separate species with a mutated gene! I also find it very funny that people keep saying that we’re some kind of dying breed, and we’ll all be extinct in 50 generations, which I’m pretty sure is not true. One thing I do absolutely love though is the way that Chinese and Japanese people react to gingers. When I worked in retail, Chinese and Japanese tourists used to ask me if they could have their pictures taken with me because I was a complete rarity to them! I guess gingers don’t exist over there so it’s kind of understandable, but it was still a bit surreal.”
“People will always have something to say about my hair, but I’m just glad that I’m comfortable and confident enough about it now that I can take it. I’m ginger and proud, there’s no doubt about it.”


Well Siobhan, we think you look FAB!

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