Every aspiring fashionista knows that she needs a mentor, an icon, someone to look up to and model her style after. If you are daring and not afraid to defy convention, then Eku Edewor  is the style star for you! Eku  is a breath of fresh air, an absolute dream, and a beauty to watch.

A New York School of Film graduate and anchor for studio 53 extra, Eku is certainly on the right steps on the ladder of success. And on top of it all, she is an amazing dresser! A former contestant at the Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model, she exudes the grace and stoicism of a supermodel.  When she’s not on television, she’s on runways either modelling or hosting the event itself. She is living proof that if you wanna succeed, you only need to be the best version of you.

I am a personal fan of Eku, and I promote anyone I admire. Eku Edewor is particularly endearing to me because of the effortlessness of her style. Whether or not all the colours of her outfit are matched to perfection, it looks just right on her because it’s Eku wearing it. The anointing of style is definitely upon her, as she oozes confidence and walks with ease on the red carpet. And she brings good tidings to every aspiring fashionista: fashion can be made easy!

Another thing I love about Eku is that she wears a lot of African designs. JBL and Bridget Awosika are her  staple, donning on Tsemaye Binitie pieces as well as others. And she is definitely not ‘safe’ with her fashion, as she is willing to try varying lengths of dresses and skirts, accessories and also patterns! She is every designers muse.

Even though her style is effortless chic, it is by no means without effort! Fashion is hard work sisters, and if we wanna work it, we’ve got  to make the effort. Eku has a dedicated team, led by her stylist Bolaji Animashaun, who is in frequent communication with her hair and make up stylists to decide her future looks.

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  1. ty ash

    Aww…imma guy…but I feel inspired to look into fashion now! :) (literal lookin tho lol)


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