This week Monisola Akinyemi fills us in some fashion looks that work in the work place and give us a stylishly helping hand in climbing up the corporate ladder.

Dress for Success

There is something stylish about a lady wearing a smart and fitted dress paired with stilettos; it’s a professional yet elegant look that you can never go wrong with. There are many style options that can be worn to work, as dresses can be found in a range of short, sleeveless, cap sleeved and three quarter styles etc. However, in most corporate environments a jacket may be required for sleeveless dresses.

Although, a nice black, grey, or navy blue dress falls in line with the conservative color code for dressing in many companies, those colors still give a chic look. However, in the more relaxed environments where wearing a splash of color won’t land in you in front of the disciplinary board, a bright colored dress such as green or orange is a great choice, however in the work setting, it can be toned down with a black blazer and black heels. On the other hand, a black sleeveless dress can be spruced up with a bright coloured blazer such as red or pink.

Invest in Yourself

On a day you don’t feel like being suited up, a waistcoat is a great alternative. Whilst you don’t want to appear too casual, a way to pull off the look can be achieved by wearing a matching waistcoat and trouser suit; selecting a color like grey (which is a formal color), combined with a long sleeved or three quarter white shirt and heels will create a professional yet sassy look.



Get Shirty

An essential item for your business wardrobe is a formal fitted shirt. This can often be the only thing you need to portray a professional look whilst showcasing your individual flair, as the shirts can be found in an array of bold colored, checked, striped and patterned styles. Not relegated to ladies alone, this look works for guys as well. Shirt makers like Charles Tyrwhitt, TM Lewin and Hawes & Curtis are perfect choices as they create distinguished and luxurious designs, for both sexes.

Fun fact: A salesman in one of the Hawes and Curtis stores’ in London stated that Nigerians make up the largest percentage of their clientele. Don’t judge! You know you are a part of those that have contributed to the company’s continuous increase in profit.

Trail Blazer

A blazer is another unisex fashion item, the great thing about this piece of clothing is that it’s versatile, and the style keeps evolving. Originally derived from a suit, the blazer is not limited to the conservative apparel and can be part of a more casual ensemble. For work environments, it can be a perfect accompaniment on “dress down” days as it can give a professional look to informal attire. For both men and women, a crisp white shirt paired with a blazer and jeans is a classic yet contemporary look that strikes the right balance between business and casual. For ladies, a maxi dress or a blouse & skirt, combined with a blazer will have you looking corporate chic.


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