All the action outside the tents during London Fashion Week.







Who: Model

What are you wearing: Izmaylova

Where: Somerset House

Who: Sema 

What are you wearing: Hermes belt, Prada bag, Christian Louboutins, Zara blazer, top And trouser

Where: Outside Charing Cross

Who: Ian

What are you wearing: Blazer and trousers, Addidas Orange High tops

Where: Somerset House

Who: Samuel, Julia and John

What are you wearing: (Samuel) Lanvin bow tie, vintage blouse, shorts from Swedish store, shoes by Jones. (Julia) All vintage. (John) Vintage jumper and shorts

 Where: Somerset House

Who: Amar (left) and Jimmy (right)

What Are you wearing: (Amar) Hermes Birkin bag and belt, a cuff bracelet , mac trench coat. (Jimmy) Hermes belt and bracelet, Balenciaga bag.

Where: Somerset House


Who: Kerry

What are you wearing: Lulu Liu and Chanel Handbag

Where: Somerset House

Who: Milly

What are you wearing: Craig Lawrence

Where: Somerset House

Who: Mich Dulce

What Are You Wearing: Vivienne Westwood blouse and skirt, Mich’s hat

Where: Somerset House

Who: Kate

What are you wearing: Loewe shirt, Asos cardigan, bag and shoes are vintage

Where: Somerset House

Who: Audrius

What are you wearing: Primark T-shirt and trouser.

Where: Somerset house

Who: Dunja

What are you wearing: H&M Blazer, belt and trousers, Topshop sweater and Mulberry Alexa Bag

Where: Somerset House

Who: Marah

What are you wearing: Vanessa Montoro sweater, Talie trouser

Where: Somerset House

Who: Model

What are you wearing: Sarah Baadarani

Where: Somerset House

Who: Melissa 

What are you wearing: All vintage

Where: Somerset

Who: Michelle

What are you wearing: Louis Vuitton Bag, turtle neck sweater and dress

Where: Somerset House





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