Name: Denike Adegboye
Occupation: Freelance designer and stylist
Location: Lagos, Nigeria

FAB-Street-Style-Denike-Adegboye-@TheAdenike-Outfit-Of-The-Day-FAB-Magazine (1)What are you wearing:
Casual Instincts Tee
Denim Co Pants
Vintage (got it from my mum’s closet) Tye-Dye shirt
Casual brogues.
What inspired my outfit: Nothing really, just wanted so bad to wear that shirt.
What you won’t be caught dead in: over the top exposing outfits.
Describe your style: Tomboy chic.
Last thing I bought: Dorothy Perkins swimwear
Your beauty product of the day: Shea butter

The most prominent colour in your wardrobe is: Black

FAB-Street-Style-Denike-Adegboye-@TheAdenike-Outfit-Of-The-Day-FAB-Magazine (3)**To be a part of the FAB Street Style every Thursday you can get caught by our street cam or email your 2 or 3 pictures of your outfit of the day (one outfit, strictly outdoors) to as well as answers to the questions above.

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