Melissa Akposoe is a young budding stylist and we at FAB want to celebrate her talent,

she currently has a popular blog called Melissa’s wardrobe where she dazzles us with her fashion savvy and impeccable taste. It’s always refreshing to see talented young black females, and we believe she has something special to offer; style is priceless, it cannot be bought or sold, you either have it or you don’t, and she has it.

It doesn’t stop there not only is she and up and coming stylist but she has even been featured in look magazine, Marie Claire and InStyle where she sported  a fashion forward and colourful spring outfit, so pick up the current issue and have a look. She has also interned with the likes of Zekaryas Solomon who is a London based designer, that attended the London College of Fashion, and has made a name for himself by combining his fashion knowledge with his skill in architectural design, which can be seen in his self named fashion label.

Melissa featured in the style pages of Marie Claire

Like many creative people, Melissa is an intelligent and beautiful woman who also has a degree in criminology, and knows the hard work that comes with balancing her university life with her passion for fashion. Having completed her degree, she is definitely going to be one to watch and we can expect to see big things from her.

A quick Q&A to help you to get to know the FABulous Melissa:

FAB: When did you first realise you wanted to be a stylist?

Melissa: It took me a while to realise that I wanted to be a stylist. Initially, I wanted to be a fashion buyer but I soon realised that I enjoyed styling more. For me the word stylist can be conceptualised better by dissecting the words styl(e) and (ar)tist. I believe that stylists should aim in creating eye-catching photographs that act as an illustrative story board to tell a picture. This can be done more commonly through the use of fashion accessories and clothes but other props give it an edge. Also I’ve always been very stylish and creative, so when I  had a better understanding of what the job of a stylist entailed, I knew it was the career for me.

FAB: What made you still want to take the academic route and not go to a fashion university?

Melissa: I have to be honest and say I took an academic route because of my mum. I’m African and have been brought up traditionally, and education is paramount in the African culture; as I am not one to disobey my elders I obliged. However, I’m happy that I completed my degree because I feel more educated, although it has hindered some opportunities for me. Even so, I’m grateful for even being given the opportunity to study, and I know that God will provide when it comes to the opportunities that I have missed out on, because of educational responsibilities.

FAB: What is the number one thing you are aspiring to achieve in your career?

Melissa: To be credited for my work is definitely the one thing I am aspiring to achieve. I would love to style celebrities and that’s something that I’m slowly working towards. Also, maybe have my own boutique one day, I’m undecided, but ultimately I just want to be successful.

FAB: Now that you have finished university what is the next step?

Melissa: I’ve got a few personal projects coming up in the near future, but applying for jobs/internships that are styling related is definitely on the cards!

FAB: Who inspires your style the most?

Melissa: June Ambrose heavily inspires me; she’s nothing short of fantastic and her style is always dramatic and flamboyant. She takes risks and that’s something that I try to do when preparing outfits.

FAB: Apart from people what other things give you inspiration for your outfits?

Melissa: So many other things inspire me too, like Art, Music and literature. I may see a splodge of paint and create a story out of it.

FAB: Do you have any other passions besides fashion?

Melissa: My biggest passion is definitely fashion, it kind of overshadows the rest but I like reading and writing poetry as well as drawing.

FAB: You’re tall, beautiful and clearly know how to carry yourself, would you ever consider a side career as a model?

Melissa: To be honest I actually wouldn’t consider modeling. When I was younger being skinny and tall wasn’t my favourite thing about myself, so I didn’t want to broadcast it. I hated being different and I really just wanted to blend in with everyone else. My friends and family pushed me to do modeling and I did it for a bit, but it just wasn’t for me.

FAB thing about you: A FAB thing about me is that I’m a great singer but everyone just has dodgy ears that don’t pick up on it well. My voice isn’t well appreciated by the general public but I know I can throw it down!

Country of Origin: Ghana, the land of gold in West Africa. 

FAB thing about your country of origin: Everyone doesn’t take life too seriously. It’s so chilled out and the culture is present everywhere you go. 

FAB thing you like to do in your free time: Watch American TV shows. I’m addicted!!

FAB Designer of all time:  Alexander Wang. 

 Some photos of Melissa doing what she does best

Check out her blog here 

Follow her on twitter:  @MelsWardrobe

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