She is a young and talented singer-songwriter with a graceful and effortlessly pleasing voice,  also an actor,  probably best known to audiences from her musical and dramatic performances in theatre productions such as  Oluronbi: The Musical and Fractures.

She currently plays the spunky, tough, willful, and outspoken “Salewa”.  on Mnet’s hit
drama series Tinsel.

She is Tomi Odunsi (TOMI).

We had a chance to interview Tomi, see what Tomi said:

  • Who is TOMI?

TOMI is a singer, songwriter and an actor.


  • Aside acting, what other things do you do? or can we say acting is your job?

I’m also a singer, songwriter and composer. I can say that, acting is my day’s job while I’m a fulltime musician at night…*giggles. How cool?


  • You sing and also act? How do you balance both?

Its called multitasking. It’s not as easy but my team and I make sure my daily activities are well planned. I keep a strict schedule. Secondly, when you have a passion for anything, the flow is easy to manage.


  • Which do you find easier doing, Singing or Acting?

I find the both of them very easy.


  • Most people will probably remember as “Toju” in ‘Oluronbi’ and “Salewa” from ‘Tinsel’, have you done more plays/dramas?

Ehr, i actually played  Toju in Fractures while i played Sope in Oluronbi: The musical I and II and Ope in III. It’s a work in progress. But expect to see more of Tomi this year on TV.



  • Acting and Singing for you, how did it start?, did you know you were born to do them or they just started at some point?

I started writing songs as soon as i was able to express my thoughts , i had a song book instead of a diary, in there you can find all my coded little secrets.  Acting is a habit i cultivated by imitating my teachers, seniors and bullies in school just for the fun of it and then it developed into something I realised I had a passion for. And these hobbies have been developed to be a career now.



  • What is the latest with your music?

Expect something fresh and new, coming from me. *fingers crossed


  • Your style of music?

RnB/ funk afro-soul



  • Oluronbi was a theatre play, Tinsel is series, should we expect to see you doing the Nollywood blockbuster movies soon?

Of course.


  • What’s the experience like being on an Mnet Production like Tinsel?

Tinsel as my first television appearance has been a whole new experience, different from the theatre experience.  The set is full of a production team and cast crew who are like a family but function with professionalism and a sense of ease. I have learnt a lot and i hope to take this experience to the next level of my career.




  • You sing and you act, how can you describe the Nigerian entertainment Industry in general?

The industry is growing rapidly and is open to several investment opportunities. New talents emerge every day, giving the next generation of artiste something to hope for. I’m proud to be part of these changes.


  • What are you working on presently?

I’m currently working on my music and like i said earlier, expect something fresh and new coming from me. *Wink


  • Tomi in  5 years

TOMI in 5years as a household name, should be a one stop shop for your    entertainment purposes,  should have several awards locally and internationally to my honor, i should be able to nurture budding talent.


See some Photos of TOMI below:

                                                      The sensational Tomi Odunsi


TOMI playing the role 'Toju' in Fractures

TOMI playing the role 'Ope' in Oluronbi the musical

TOMI (left), with Ireti Doyle, Victor Olotan and Gideon Okeke at the Tinsel episode 500 autograph signing

Screen shot of TOMI playing Salewa on TInsel

Listen to TOMI’s “Mi o le Think” below, a classy, soulful R&B ballad produced by E Kelly


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4 Responses

  1. ogechi-iheanacho

    Wow! tomi,this is a great achievement nd i luv it.My salewa, i look 4wrd 2 watching Tinsel cuz of u,hw u make we OMCI studt all proud.Thank u so much,gurl

  2. ogechi-iheanacho

    Wow! tomi,this is a great achievement nd i luv it.My salewa, i look 4wrd 2 watching Tinsel everyday cuz of u,hw u make we OMCI studt all proud.Thank u so much,gurl

  3. Tele David Ogundeko

    Way to go superstar, our future version of Yinka Davies with a twist.
    Pure energy with a unique afro urban style, brandishing a voice that commands you to submerge.
    Can’t wait for your album to be out.
    Tomi is the voice of tomorrow today.


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