We all know that accessories can make or break an outfit, well La Diosa certainly makes it. La Diosa was created by master mind duo Semhal Zemikael and Natasha Faith. The line is created  through creative style, passion and ambition of of the two ladies which amounts to amazing jewellery. La Diosa meaning ‘The Godess’ in Spanish specialise in opulent handmade jewellery using unique precious and semi-precious gemstones.











La Diosa jewellery evokes empowerment. Jewellery is not simply an accessory to be admired, but rather an extension of your personality. Semhal Zemikael


The designs are  for stylish and confident women who have a classic taste for originality and quality. La Diosa jewellery is one of a kind as no one piece of  is ever the same as another, therefore you know that your piece is unique. We at FAB are definitely loving the bold statement jewellery look.

Ring £320

Necklace £195

Necklace £320

Bracelet £95

Necklace £235

Necklace £230

Necklace £195.00





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