FAB Spotlight: Gillean Opoku by Makeda Tafari

We all know that blogs are the latest trend whether it be fashion, music or sports related there is a blog out there for everybody. But only very few blog stand out from the rest. That is where the AfroKlectic bolg comes in.

Gillean Opoku is an Australian born Ghanaian blogger. She is the creator and master mind behind the Afroklectic blog.


An African melting pot for creativity. A place to educate on what Africa is, pushing aside the tired misconception of what Africa is not. Gillean Opoku

We at FAB sat down and did a little Q&A with Gillean:


1. How did you get into blogging?

I was frustrated that I couldn’t find an African Design/Fashion/Lifestyle blog based in Australia. There were African-Australian people around me who were starting to show their creative side. I thought they and I needed a platform to present ourselves to the rest of the world. I had also built up a large digital archive of African associated things and it was like I had an opinion on everything I collected or I was always able to link it to something else. I wasn’t a fan of writing, but blogging seemed to be the best way to combine all these elements and present them to a global audience all in the one location!


2. Explain to us what ‘AfroKlectic’ actually means/stands for?

Afroklectic is like an African online melting pot for creativity. Presenting a anything from design, fashion, interiors, music, culture and literature. A place to educate on what Africa is, pushing aside the tired misconceptions of what Africa is not. (The Afroklectic Philosophy<http://afroklectic.blogspot.com/p/philosophy.html>)


3. How long has ‘AfroKlectic’ been running for?

Since early 2010


4. Who is your favourite stylist?

I don’t think I have one, I don’t think I even know of many! I do admire the work of Marian Kihogo. It’s edgy, different, and original. Her work eliminates the terms ‘fashion and seasonal trends’. She creates her own vibe through her own style and work.


5. Who is your favourite designer?

I love the richness and vibrancy of Lanvin and Stella McCartney, the edginess and rebellious look of Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, the quirkiness of Marc Jacob’s designs and the sophistication of Oscar De La Renta and Zac Posen. Australian labels like Willow and Camilla & Marc. And not to forget the African labels like Tiffany Amber, Jewel by Lisa, Boxing Kitten, Ituen Basi, ZedEye and so many more.


6. What inspires you?

Everything from culture to people, conversations, reading, fashion, magazines and so forth.


7. Describe your style in 5 words?

I honestly wasn’t sure how to answer this question, so I asked one of my closest friends and she said uninhibited in a heartbeat. I agree with her. My style can only be defined by that word!


8. Do you think the African fashion world need more sites like AfroKlectic?

Afroklectic isn’t a fashion blog specifically. It’s great seeing sites popping up like the FancyHub and the Africa Fashion Guide specifically directed at African fashion. As the African fashion industry grows, it seems only natural for more sites to emerge which is fantastic! These sites/blogs broaden the discourse of African fashion.


9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Hopefully in NYC, working as a creative consultant or in publications focused on Africa design/fashion. Still writing on Afroklectic but on a different level.


10. What makes you so FAB (Fabulous, African & Black)?

I never know how to answer questions about myself. I would probably say that it’s my birthright. It’s every African’s birthright. We are all FAB in our own unique way!


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