Angel Sinclair, the founder of Models of Diversity and Sinclair Model Management, is a former model and started the campaign after appearing on Gok’s Miss Naked Beauty in 2008. Angel was struck by the great range of beautiful women partaking in the event and how that contrasted with the narrow variety we see in the fashion industry, and the lack of diversity in the models that end up in our magazines and on the catwalks.. That is when she decided, with Sally Williams, her co-founder, to promote the use of models that echoes diversity in society, in terms of race, shape, age and ability.



Angel Sinclair and her team campaign at fashion events, hold street surveys, offer workshops, promote their models in the media and brilliantly use social networking websites. From surveys, Models of Diversity and Sinclair Model Management have noticed that the public are in favor of more diversity, so their goal is to change how the fashion industry thinks, and answers to the needs of the fashion-buying public.



Sinclair Management promotes Models of Diversity different to Models of Uniformity. Not only are they spot on when it comes to representing males and females, fashion, editorial, commercial, classic fittings, exhibitions and catwalk models, but their attitude also makes them unique. They believe in promoting natural, healthy models, regular people and models that the audience can identify themselves with and not feel endangered by. They project confidence without having to imitate to the stereotype of the thin, fragile or muscular hunk.



From experience with their sister campaign Models of Diversity; a lot of their supporters are confident in their philosophy that beauty is not a quality limited to a select few. That’s not to say that they believe that just anyone can be a model, but take care in maintaining a high standard of professionalism and only put forward the models they believe will shine, especially as prices are very competitive, so they ensure that their models are giving the service you expect.



Models of Diversity is a London-based non-profit association, which seeks for more diversity in models, and strains that the fashion and marketing sectors recognise the beauty in women and men of all races, ages, shapes, sizes, abilities, genders and sexual orientations. On a mission to change the face of fashion and modelling, MoD are a movement founded to stand for equal rights and chances within the modelling and fashion industry. Since then, MoD has joined with Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone for the government’s campaign on body confidence.



For many years now, Angel has been a successful model, but now enjoys seeing the different elements of a project come together.



In Angel’s words, “There’s nothing more satisfying than spending time with a client that has a vision, learning what they want and then bringing it together by pulling out the best from the people I know”



When Angel decides to do something, it gets done. One day, she decided to be a model and started by working with a wide range of photographers, building a stunning portfolio and then in the following months modelled in television, promotions and catwalks.



To contact Angel Sinclair, you can get her by email on , , or call +44 (0)20 8946 7084 for more details.


Check out some of Angel’s stunning pics below!








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