Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, RUN DMC and Aerosmith; unexpected musical combinations have often made musical history. Femi Kuti- the eldest son of afrobeat pioneer and legend Fela Kuti and an African musical stalwart in his own right for the past 30 years, and Illrymz, presenter of Nigerian Idol, vibrant radio personality, and of course, a strongly emerging musician, are no exception to this trend to be sure.

This is of course, is only a given, as when you mix Nigeria’s coolest urban personality with Nigeria’s biggest living afro-beat legend, all you’re going to get is pure dynamite , blowing up into the music scene, and blowing our minds with their thrilling concoction. Here is an exciting peek at what to expect from the banging, highly anticipated video. Ladies and gentlemen, it is the irresistibly cool Illrymz featuring the legendary Femi Kuti on Teacher, Teacher! Produced and directed by the Lagos based Contagious Collective, the groundbreaking video will make its TV and online debut at the end of June.

For more of Ill’s infectious coolness, follow @illrymz on twitter and send a birthday shout-out to the legend, Femi Kuti who just turned 50.
We at FAB can barely contain ourselves, and the trailer has only whet our musical appetite, as I’m sure it has yours! Hold tight, and keep your ears posted, this tune is definitely set to be a banger.

Here is the first tantalizing snippet!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JBXkySC8hM]

Of course, if you’re a youngster, a newbie, or have simply just been living on a deserted Island for the past 30 years, here is a Femi Kuti classic, to get to know the jazzy soulful vocals of the legend himself.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GirD-VXGk5k&w=640&h=480]

So with that dynamic album cover, and that little titbit we were already privy too, how can we deny that this is going to be a sure fire hit? With our ears already burning with anticipation, this tune is sure to enjoy continuous repeat upon it’s release.

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