baronessIt’s Fashion Revolution Day! If you have been on social media today you would have doubtless noticed the trending topic #insideout and perhaps wondered what it was all about. Today marks the inaugural Fashion Revolution Day, founded in honour of the 1133 people who died in the Rana Plaza factory tragedy in Bangladesh last year.

As part of the campaign, #insideout urges participants to wear their clothes inside out and take a selfie, and share this on Twitter tweeting the brand to ask ‘Who made your clothes?’, thereby aiming to raise awareness about the origins of our clothes.



Fashion Revolution, a movement less than a year old, founded by Carry Somers brings together a group of activists, friends and colleagues who all work for the company on a volunteer basis, including the executive director Oceana Lott has been writing about eco-friendly fashion on her blog, Oceana’s Canvas.

The Fashion Revolution campaign has seen fashion bloggers, industry insiders, celebrities and many more take to social media today to challenge brands with the question, “Who made these clothes?”


Let’s check out some of our favourites.

British singer turned her top #insideout with an arty image she shared on Twitter pledging her support for Fashion Revolution.


Another campaign image for Fashion Revolution was that of Lola Young, Baroness Young of Hornsey which the team shared on their Instagram.

Louis Smith, GB gymnast, also got in on the act with a campaign image Fashion Revolution shared.



International fashion blogger Susie Bubble took H&M to task asking them about her jumper.



Founder of ethical African fashion website Africa Fashion Guide and author of Fashion Africa Jacquline Shaw also shared an #insideout image.


Talented designer behind the Kenyan label Kiko Romeo, Ann McCreath shared a cheeky tweet asking her own label about who made the clothes.


British luxury jewellery label BEX ROX shared an image of their beautiful Massai creation in collaboration with Crea Africa on their Instagram account.

Shop Soko was another jewellery brand that turned their jewellery inside out to show off their ethical credentials.

Galvanised by all the discussions on social media, I too decided in the end to share my #insideout selfie on Instagram, only to turn my top inside out to find it was made in Turkey. Like owner, like tee.

If you too are inspired to join the Fashion Revolution, what are you waiting for. Whip your clothes off, turn them inside out, put them back on and strike a pose. Don’t forget to share them on social media and tag us @fabafricanblack

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