Our #TalentTuesday is none other than South African animator and illustrator, Katlego Kgabale. If you have seen any of her works then you already know that she is a bundle of talent and if you have not seen any of her works before we are here to have you convinced!

The 24-year-old creative artist is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and currently working as a junior animator at Animoss Media. We found her works through her Behance page and were immediately wowed. Kady, as she is popularly known, has been making her waves in the art world recently and seeing her works we feel like we are transported into our childhood.

Kady states, “I taught myself the techniques by looking at other artists’ works. I still have a long way to go but I don’t think I’m doing too badly so far!. I thought of the relationships that people/children have with their pets and I guess it all came together from there.”

See some of her past illustration series below!

KIDS - “Children do the silliest, funniest things. I decided to do this series because I thought it would be interesting to get into the mind of a child and see the world through their eyes”3a158f8beaf3c6346878b1f75b55b051 5f36aae392341fd9f0842983838a4b89 9f78d086ba3ccaabb85ee0efc3d024f9 f0c6018ba8e8cb3bd200fda6f5c5c281

Xander729408cfa711b87f7713297bfb7df05380b1f6424379b832794a2902692202f2 c8cccfa8b5a7c3e7b8670e9c0e4e43f2ad829956c5596f5c0ccb60728f6e3daf

My Hero - A girl saved from firey danger by something unexpected58911d57d94732f708d778c50353069660fa8dfd138371dc2ad8cf910121c84f46e4f0bcff56af94f9297cf524edd766

Would you like a cup of death?
The story behind this is about a young woman who’s about to get married, she’s getting ready in her bridal room and there’s a cup of tea on the table with the note: ‘Cup of tea for you, it’ll help you relax’. Little does our bride know that it’s actually from a mystery woman who’s secretly in love with her husband-to-be and wants her out of the picture – so, her tea has been poisoned.5232c7bcdd1fb7170bca53704a1136c04d1c60e8939ad44ec95e811eb3f735f56fa01e475dfc730dbe47b737da645452

Beast Friends Forever
This was the first series she worked on. The basic idea behind this was a photoshoot with children showing the relationships they have with their alien pets.1c446e919db750716d6f98cc0071455928700baeacec47a54f243f26512162a255cd9f7478f88cfc4c903001c9bd9f3dc1b429f5fe837784f5afbc846c3ed35cf52697ba2b98628b079b4ac7457a737b503f7e53623aa9558ae1990174136014

Don’t you just love her illustrations?

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