If you haven’t heard about Mateo and his love for cupcakes then you are in luck as we are dishing on all things Mateo and why you should know and love him.

Mateo-Cupcakes-Viral-3-Year-Old-FAB-Magazine (2)Mateo Beltran is the average three-year old who loves his toys and cupcakes and playing with his younger brother. The young lad stands out for one reason though – the way he argues with his mum.

Catching the attention of a lot of people through a YouTube Channel and Instagram page, Mateo has become an overnight Internet sensation, famous for the phrase “Linda, Honey Honey, Listen!”. The phrase has been made into t-shirts and his parents say that the proceeds from the t-shirt sales are going into his college fund seeing as he is clearly destined to be a lawyer who passed through Harvard Law (Err…Ok!)

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Knowing how Ellen Degeneree’s snatches up Internet trends to feature on her show “The Ellen Show”, it comes as no surprise that Mateo has already gotten an invite to be made even more famous. A sneak shot on Ellen’s Instagram page reveals her hugging a very adorable Mateo so we can be sure to have a broadcast of that segment soon.

His parents Linda & Kenneth Beltran put up a description of Mateo on his website saying “Our Mateo: he’s three years old, he’s happy, he’s loving, he’s playful, he’s a great older brother, and he argues. A lot. About everything. All the time. Passionately and relentlessly. Sometimes, about cupcakes. It’s been said that children show signs of their future profession very early on. Often, their ‘gifts’ are revealed modestly, but in Mateo’s case, it’s hard to ignore. “Ok, Linda. Listen, listen, listen…” “Linda, honey, just listen.” “Linda I’m done arguing with you.” One day, we hope that Mateo will have the opportunity for a higher education and become a successful lawyer. Not because that’s what we want but because clearly, making a strong case for what he believes is right, is his gift. At the end of the day, if we do our job as parents, we will teach him that there are millions of causes worth fighting for in this world… in addition to cupcakes. These t-shirts were created for Mateo’s college fund. Thank you for your contribution.”

Mateo is a bright, funny and a lovable little boy. Even though he is a three-year old boy and college is at least a decade and a half away but his parents are wise enough to cash in on his fame and cuteness right now. The viral video of him arguing his case for cupcakes has had over 4 million views on YouTube in three weeks.

Eighteen-carat Sapphire cupcakes made by Mateo-Cupcakes-Viral-3-Year-Old-FAB-Magazine (1)A few people are however also criticizing the video for a few reasons. Huffington Post points out that a sensitive issue of spanking and parental discipline is touched in this video that everybody sees purely as “cute” and “hilarious”. Mommy Shorts brought up the fact that kids are as absorbent as sponges and that Mateo must have picked up his argumentative style from somewhere choosing words like “Honey”, “Listen Listen” and calling his mother “Linda”.

Ms Beltran told the UberConference blog Mateo had begun using her and his father’s first names after a trip to the theme park where a lost little boy could not identify his parents. Defending her son, Linda Beltran stated “I want everyone to know that he isn’t disrespectful. In an effort to raise independent young adults, we let our children have a voice. For the most part we are still Mommy and Daddy, but when he is serious and wants to make sure we are paying attention, we quickly become Linda and Kenneth. If Mateo feels the need and has a valid argument, he will be sure to voice it. He felt he didn’t need to eat dinner since he already had lunch, and that cupcakes were a suitable compromise.”

What are your thoughts on Mateo and his videos and choice of language with his mum? Watch the rest of his hilarious videos below:

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