The video of 20 strangers sharing a First Kiss was carried out as a social experiment by amateur videographer Tatia PIlieva. The video was an instant hit on the internet and has had over 65 million views on Youtube in only 11 days. If you missed our post about it, read it up here.

FAB-Magazine-12-Parodies-Of-First-Kiss (1)The video was such an Internet success that popular TV Show host Ellen Degenerees talked about it on her show.

The internet savvy have gone a step further and the creatives are taking bold steps. There are now numerous “First” videos on the internet, all (most) set as a parody to their true inspiration video, Talia PIlieva’s “First Kiss”.

FAB-Magazine-12-Parodies-Of-First-Kiss (2)FAB-Magazine-12-Parodies-Of-First-Kiss (1)We take a look at some of the funniest and most creative we’ve seen. The videos range from pure hilarity to actually addressing social issues – and where they mostly put a funny spin on it, it does sort of get one thinking.

First Gay Hug (A Homophobic Experiment)


First Fist Bump


First Touch


First Raspberry


First Kill


First Sniff


First Fart


First Lick


First Fuck You


First Shake


First Sandwich


First Everything

Laughing hard yet? Well there are so many more videos. All you have to do is go on Youtube and search – there is the First Motorboat, First Handjob, First Shit, and so much more. All through this nothing compares to the creativity and authenticity of the actual “First Kiss” video. So here it is again:

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