group-drinking-mainIt’s Friday and a lot of people are about ready to leave the office and go out into the night to “turn up”, well before you do there is something you should know – an online data service has compiled a series of maps and graphs that show how much alcohol is consumed around the world.

The Online data service, called Priceonomics, has been able to measure the “drunkeness” of each country and put it together in maps and graphs. Not only can they measure how much alcohol is consumed, they can also tell you which drink is preferred in which country.

1 Nigeria shows, on the map, that each person consumes approximately 12.3 Litres of pure alcohol. From happy hours to boozy brunches and stolen sips, Nigeria ranks at the top of alcohol consumption in Africa. Nigeria is also ranked just a notch above China (who are the least) in Whiskey consumption with 0.03 liters per capital.

2Priceonomics also go ahead to analyze beer consumption, wine consumption and vodka consumption. You can check out the full article on How The World Gets Drunk here

But doesn’t this just make you think? Is 12.3 Litres too much alcohol consumption per person in a country? Nigerians are definitely people who like to have fun and enjoy the good things in life, and now statistics can back that up!

alcoholWell, cheers to the weekend! 😉



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