Over the Christmas holidays I went down to Nigeria for the whole holiday season. I always find trips back home a real privilege because I rarely find the time to go back, so I made it a must to usefully spend every minute there. When I was younger, growing up in a comfortable background shielded me a bit from the harsh reality of Nigeria. So me and Ramon Shitta (the photographer) decide to dip our toes slightly into lives of the other half of the spectrum. Walking around the mainland and catching the bus and also other forms of public transport, like the other 50 percent of the population do.



It was quite interesting to see a lot of members of the community interested in what we were doing. People would come up to us and ask us where we were from and how they could help with our shots. The shop sellers were the best, they gave us free rein on shot. They were even willing to be photographed themselves. But the most amazing spirits of the day were the kids. They would run after us ask us to play soccer with them and ask us to take pictures of them. It was very cute and reminded me of that loving community I grew up in.


The gentleman’s hand above is our trusted tour guide Mr Samson A.K.A Daddy suger (don’t ask why). He was there escorting us everywhere, making sure we didn’t fall into the wrong hands. He was also quite the comedian.

The final image, was the hardest and funniest shot because 1) we were on the express way and cars and motor bikes were zooming pass. 2) The Okada driver kept sticking his tongue out at us and every time we tried to take a shot he’d pull a mean face. After that I got temped a little to try and hop on but I was a bit scared to. Perhaps I should leave that till my next visit.


Photos by Ramon Shitta

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