A while ago I stumbled across this website that make bow-ties, hair accessories and necklaces, but the thing that stood out the most is that they used African material to make some of their bow-ties, it’s a great find, and they are all reasonably priced. Above is a great example of how it can be worn, and the website is called www.akeyno.com

If you love all things vintage or are constantly plagued by an item you can never find, Etsy is the place for you.

It is the ‘world’s handmade marketplace’, whether buying or selling there is something for everyone, and at a cheaper price.  You can find a lot of beautiful handmade accessories that you will most likely pay double for on the high-street. The way it works is you sign up, search for what you want, but pay individually for things, this is because there are many different sellers, although regardless of that if you see more than one thing you would like to buy from a seller, a lot of them will discount your total for purchasing more than one item. So try it, and you just may find something you’ve been looking for.


Another site very similar to this is Asos marketplace, where you can buy and sell things as well; what is sold varies from,people just generally wanting to sell their things, vintage sellers looking to pass on their treasures, or from my own experience a lot of private boutiques use Asos market place, and you can find a lot of steal buys and unique things that you may not have found on the high street.

It is also generally easier in terms of searching for clothing items, you can narrow the searches down on the left hand side of the page, basically there’s a higher chance you’ll find something here than if you searched tons of sites. This is because sites renew their stock,  things go out of fashion or new stock comes in, and that dress or ring you’ve wanted is no longer there, but on sites like Asos marketplace, there may still be hope yet.

Now I know readers want places they can go to shop without spending mass amounts of money, I believe it’s not where you shop but how you wear it; there are fashion steals from so many different places. If you’re out on the high-street at any point I recommend you pop into H&M and Miss Selfridge, I visited them recently and they seem to be coming out with some jaw dropping summer wear, especially the dresses, Miss Selfridge had me looking twice.

For those who don’t mind increasing the budget, Zara is the one, I personally love Zara for their never ending and never faulting taste, they are really up there in terms of spring and summer fashion. As soon as you walk in your eyes are fixed on all the different colours, which have been grouped together, there are plenty of refreshing blazers, dresses, bags and shoes, there probably isn’t anything that won’t catch your attention. The above dress is from Zara .


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