Yulia Kondranina a firm Fashion Scout favourite, returned this year with her  amazing A/w’14 collection which believe it or not was yet another hit, reinstating how talented and visionary Kondranina really is.
YuliaKondranina - HannahMcGee008S
YuliaKondranina - HannahMcGee006S
Showcasing in the extravagant Vestibule of Freemasons’ Hall Kondranina brought us a collection that was all grunge, oversized and hobo-chic playing on a juxtaposition of rough frayed edges and soft delicate wools. Androgynous, oversized yet totally feminine the predominately black and grey collection with touches of colour here and  there exuded both high fashion and street fashion. Think low backs, off shoulder knit wear and turtle neck, which Kondranina made sure we knew was here to stay for the A/W’14 season. We love how she kept the balance in her collection, where she added in neck length  and/or long sleeves was taken away from the back of the outfit, so the collection featured lots of exposed backs adding a contemporary twist to the collection.
YuliaKondranina - HannahMcGee004S
YuliaKondranina - HannahMcGee007S
We have to say though, adding to the whole contemporary fashion forward grunge look, the strapped dresses that appeared to be a cross between shoelaces and a straight jacket were just too cool.Bursts of vibrant pinks and blues introduced among the shoelace like pattern added a bit of fun and edge to the predominantly black and grey palette. If Kondranina’s collection among many others is anything to go by the A/W’14 season is most definitely going to be a colourful one.
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