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Day one of fashion week at the free Masons hall saw Yifang Wan bring us a cool, elegant and bold collection, staying true to form with her amazing tailoring, proving how deserving she was of last year’s merit award.

She is well known for her clean lines and structural aesthetic, which has hints of martial arts and sculpture, with a modern vibe. Styled by Bill Watson and the TONI&GUY Session Team, the models looked fierce, with the combination of their blacked-out sunglasses and minimalist yet striking hair styles.

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Very simple colours were used ranging from black, white to shimmering emerald green, and the styles ranged from blazers, asymmetrical tunics, cinched waists, sexy slits and layered pieces. The most standout trend in the collection was the asymmetry almost all the skirts and tunics, had the same clean cut. My favourite pieces however had to be the shimmering emerald pieces that just took in all your focus as soon as it came down the runway. There were no accessories used which meant that there was complete focus on the clothes, something very different to what you would see in most shows.

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Source: Fashion Scout 

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