kutnuLast week we brought you an exclusive with Turkish sustainable fashion designer Serap Pollard who was putting the last minute touches to her new collection set to debut during London Fashion Week. Saturday 15 February saw Pollard unveil her brand new collection “Acculturation” at The Charing Cross Hotel.

Serap’s style evolves into a refined pureness of female elegance, but is still very comfortable and wearable. Every detail, high quality of standard, tradition, and craftsmanship is being cared for.

Vastly inspired by her native Turkey’s rich heritage and history, Serap Pollard’s Autumn/Winter 2014-15 collection “Acculturation” was yet another tribute to traditional Turkish fabrics and methods, not only celebrating the designer’s roots but also reenforcing her sustainable design ethics.

“We live in a multi-cultural world. Transportation, communication, globalisation, improving international relations, and movements of manpower increasingly bring people of different cultures closer together. Cultures influence each other thanks to this. I have prepared this collection with the conscious of we live in a global village where acculturation is inevitable,” Pollard explains.

“The starting point for this were the photos of two little girls. Two photos which were taken in different times and different places. The only common point of two girls, who look with different emotions, is the innocence. One of the photos were taken in Gaziantep, a kid with black big eyes and wearing clothes of traditional kutnu fabric; which I call ‘diamond.’ The other one is a Princess Louise (1848-1939) portrait. The second ‘diamond’ gives me inspiration with her innocent appearance and yellow ringlet hairs. Likewise in my previous projects, I will use a traditional and historical value of Turkey in my new project: Kutnu fabric.”

Kutnu fabric, a hand woven fabric of Gaziantep in Turkey,  in line with the label’s sustainable fashion ethos, and silk chiffon have been used as major materials in the collection. The result is a colourful collection of candy stripes in vibrant, glossy kutnu fabric, completely defying all blinkered expectations of sustainable fashion being bland, dull and lacking in colour.

After graduating from Faculty of Fine Art of Marmara University in 2000, Serap Pollard moved to London and has been living there ever since.

In 2000, she studied at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts, and Central Saint Martin’s College, adding to her already impressive resume. In 2012 she completed her Master at University of the Arts London

After working for 10+ years in London with well-established companies (Laura Ashley etc.) and Designer Brands which continuously attended International and National Fashion Fairs, she launched her brand under the name of Serap Pollard London in 2011.

With four major collections under her belt and gradually building up global recognition, the future is looking as bright for Serap Pollard as her colourful kutnu collection.

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